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  1. Nothing but conjecture on my part, of course, but you have to wonder if Jack White had any influence on the creation of this project. He was the driving force behind American Epic and obviously a well-known Zeppelin fan. As you mentioned, American Epic was phenomenal itself and meticulously laid out the roots of the music that so strongly influenced Page and Plant. Just seeing American Epic might have been enough to get Plant on board with them giving Zeppelin the same treatment. It all sounds so intriguing. If only this doc was given the 4-part mini-series format of American Epic...
  2. I think that's why the shoes and snowboard were released. 😋
  3. Except sometimes the people don't know what they want until after you've given it to them. That's what the best artists like Zeppelin are able to achieve and what sets them apart from bands who just do what's expected of them.
  4. I introduced myself to Zeppelin as a teenager in the 80's and I certainly didn't go in order of album release. It was probably more along the lines of All My Love (which I actually remember hearing as a kid when ITTOD was released), Stairway followed by the first album, IV, II, PG, HOTH, III or something like that. I know that III seemed strange to me at first and not entirely to my liking. Immigrant Song was cool enough. SIBLY of course was great. The acoustic material took a while to really distinguish itself and I couldn't figure out what the hell Hats Off to Roy Harper was supposed to be. That said, with 30 years of perspective it's one of my favorite Zeppelin albums now and I think it may have benefited the most from the latest remastering/reissue campaign. The new vinyls sound fabulous.
  5. https://www.journeys.com/product/vans-era-led-zeppelin-skate-shoe-black-497379?c=3100 Just in case you're still in need.
  6. Zeppelin is the only band that I hold in a high enough regard to ever consider buying a pair of shoes in their honor. On the other hand, that same pedestal makes me feel like it's a bit blasphemous to plaster their iconography onto a pair of shoes. Like I said, in the end, I'll probably quit overthinking the situation and just buy the damn shoes.
  7. It all comes full circle. Jimmy always was a visionary. 😏
  8. That's entirely possible. I haven't decided if they're kinda cool or just tacky. At the end of the day, I'll probably cave and buy some like I do with just about everything else.
  9. It's all sadly ironic in a way. The band chose the symbols to replace their actual name on the album packaging as a protest against the music business establishment. And now they're plastered all over shoes. For some reason, I'd kind of like to have the shoes but I can't imagine actually wearing them. Just about the same way I felt about the snowboard, I guess. In the end, I doubt that I'll be buying any of it.
  10. The sneakers are interesting but pretty cheesy at the same time. Are hardcore Led Zeppelin fans really the target audience for Hot Topic merch? Maybe but I have my doubts.
  11. I just checked and you're right. I glad that I ordered right away when I saw it yesterday. It was actually even cheaper because there was a 10% off coupon applied when I ordered.
  12. When this box was first announced at $275, I said that I wouldn't be buying it unless the price dropped by half. Well, I just noticed that Amazon is selling it for $130 now so I guess I'm glad that I held out.
  13. The poster is cool as a collectible but it has been folded up for shipping. I guess it would depend on how badly you'd like to frame it and how handy you might be at pressing out the creases.
  14. Ok, this truly made me laugh out loud. I'm glad that I had swallowed my mouthful of coffee before reading it. Well played 😄
  15. Mine came with a couple posters. They're nice enough but the fact that they came all folded up does make them less likely to be displayed. More importantly, Reel Art Press got back with me and they're sending a new book. Fine service!
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