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  1. As a reggae song I always found DM a tad heavy handed.Bonzo’s great and it definitely makes you say yeah that’s Zep.But I listened to some reggae today and it just breezes along with tap on the timbales here n there.No I would never think LZ were a reggae band if it was the first thing I heard from them
  2. When I was nine or ten (1971)I was given my parents old valve mantle radio.I swear that Immigrant Song and Whole Lotta Love came on almost straight away.I was blown away.Couple of years later I heard Dyer Maker and I was surprised it was the same band and this was after I had bought LZ 2 and 3.I like it and as a single it is ok but not as earth shattering as WLL or TIS.But Houses was a different animal which saw the band experimenting and to be honest took this 15 year old metal head awhile to get into.As single Whole Lotta Love I think was a gamble.It was long,a spacey ,sexually suggestive mid section and thunderous production.A mile away from Tom Jones and CCR which were hogging the airwaves at the time.Ahh,memories
  3. Ok my last word on the claustrophobic vocals.Another angle.They are recorded very dry and close.Imho
  4. Ok perhaps I was a bit heavy with the piss take quote and yes they were fans of JB but as Page has mentioned about The Crunge “nobody saw the joke”.Yes the drums are sensational laying down a great groove but I just feel the whole track is poorly executed and yes Plant’s vocals are recorded too close giving that claustrophobic feel.All this sounds so much better on the remaster.I still have my original pressing from the 70s and I am sorry I don’t like it.Sorry just my honest opinion.BTW I always liked Hot Dog which is more fun.
  5. Having been brought up on my late fathers swing jazz,bossa nova,modern jazz/fusion records I can see now why he screamed when a rock drummer belted the crap out of a drum kit.A fan of When the Levee Breaks he wasn’t.But having inherited his vinyl collection and paying just $50 for over 300 hundred jazz cds at a garage sale ,man could some of these guys play.
  6. Yes The Crunge was a piss take on James Brown that just didn’t work.I like it a lot better on the latest remaster because it seems to breathe better than claustrophobic production on the original vinyl.Still it could do without that cheesey keyboard riff and somebody could have found that confounded bridge instead of falling in a heap at the end.
  7. I always liked the supposed quote from Keith Moon that "they would go down like a lead balloon" on the naming of the band. The first Rush album (Working Man)was mistaken as the new Zep as was mentioned above.Mick Box of Uriah Heep who Rush were supporting in the early years said look out Zep.Unfortunately Geddy Lee didn't look like Plant
  8. I think this is mentioned somewhere that Swan/Midnight has a close cousin in Ten Years Gone therefore not on PG.Both the jazzy mid sections,the quiet guitar interludes,the loud bits,etc.I liked the Firm a lot and bought the albums when released.Paul is notoriosly fiery but he is a great blues belter.I compare him to the late Jimmy Deware of Robin Tower fame.I think he cops a lot of flak because he is a completely different singer than Plant as was the case with Sir Frederick.Yes Paul did play rhythm guitar most notably on Radioactive,a song I didn't go much on and released as a single.I think Page and Rogers sounded great together despite what others say.No,there was no Immigrant Song or Stairway but there was Midnight Moonlight which was their best.
  9. I have thought long and hard about getting the four symbols tattooed on my forearn but not on my back,I want to see them.It would make a change from the devils,skulls and naked women I have elsewhere that i have had for twenty years plus.
  10. I love Dy'er Maker and i like the latest re master of the Crunge but I still think it could have wound up on Coda and thrown in Walters Walk instead.Houses is lovely album, sought of laid back in a way,a good summer album,but it lacks a rocker like WW.Anyway, would love to have heard Tea For One live,and just hear what Page 's solo would be like.
  11. I agree with the musicianship and complexity and I am musician and its hard one to nail down,but I don't like the way it was recorded particularly Plants vocals,and where it is on the album.I have no problem with Dy'er Maker.
  12. Musically they should have left The Crunge off THOTH.It just disrupted the flow of the album.On the latest re master it's a lot better.I know it was meant as a bit of a laugh but it should have been a b side or left till Coda.There was still plenty of material about at the time which ended up on PG.Fashion wise Page looked like a back up musician for the Bee Gees at Knebworth with his club disco garb.The band as a whole just didn't look rock n roll,for want of a better word.
  13. Yep i'm one of those blasted Rush fans,always going against the grain.Zep and Rush stand proudly side by side on my shelf.
  14. Page 'manufactured' Zep.Grant handled 'business'.
  15. Could be something to do with Coors beer.Frilly Coot,Frothy Coors?.We all know how Zep love being sued.
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