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  1. My favorite of all of the new releases is If It Keeps on Raining. I love the shuffle beat that Bonzo is playing and it gives the song a very different feel from the original drums at the bottom of the stairs. I'm also really happy to finally have Hey Hey on my iPod.
  2. I vote for LZ II. The first album made it to 10 on Billboard 200 and established the band as capable of writing great music and offering impressive performances. The second album produced some of their most iconic hits and pushed them to number one. Every album following II made it to #1 on Billboard. I'm not basing my entire theory on the Top 200 chart but most people can't name a song from the first album but can name at least one if not more from the second.
  3. I love the CD version from TSRTS. The bluesy feel of the guitar solo is amazing. Not just my favorite version of NQ but one of my favorite Zep songs period.
  4. Really enjoyed the show in Knoxville, TN. I wish they would have played ALS from Knebworth and TUF from Earls Court but I understand why they weren't able to squeeze those in.
  5. …I think We're Gonna Groove should have been on LZ II instead of Moby Dick. I've read a few places that WGG didn't make the cut for the album so if one track had to be eliminated I think it would be MD. Don't get me wrong, I think the solo is really good but the version that had to be edited down to go on the album is much weaker than many of his true solos from concerts. Any ideas why WGG was unable to make the cut for the album? It's one of my favorite tracks and I think it shows the raw talent the band had in the early years.
  6. My wife and I are going to Knoxville, TN. I'm sure we have all seen most or all of the footage at one time or another but the theater sound will be great. And who would NOT want to see LZ on the big screen?
  7. I have listened to LZ for 16 years or so but not nearly to the extent that I have over the last 12 months. Being a drummer I always put John Bonham at the top of my influence list. I remember writing a paper about him in the second grade. I had an older friend who had a few albums and I can remember listening to PG on his brother's Pioneer stereo and loving Trampled Under Foot, Kashmir, and IMTOD. Time went on and I listened to a lot of other bands. Alice In Chains became my favorite band through high school and I listened to rock and rap (WTH was I thinking?) in college. I have now come to the realization that MOST current day music just isn't very good IMO especially the stuff that is on pop radio. I have a very obsessive personality and will dive head-on into music or projects on a whim and stay with them for long periods of time especially if they push the right button. I remember one night early last year I flipped on Paladia and the O2 reunion show was on. I listened to a couple of songs and remembered how great Zeppelin was. Then I heard a song I had never heard before and pulled out Shazam on my phone. It was No Quarter. I downloaded it on Youtube and I was hooked on LZ. No Quarter from the O2 show was the first LZ song on my iPod (and at this point the only track from the O2 show I've d/l). Mothership was next which is a great place to start for someone listening to Zep. Now I am completing all of the albums a few songs at a time. I have all of I,II,IV PG, Presence, and ITTOD. I only lack about 10 songs to complete the rest of the albums. As I have listened to the entire Zep catalog a great appreciation for their music both on the surface and as a musician myself has emerged. To me there really is NO comparison. I spend a lot of time in my car with my job so there is a ton of time to listen to music. There have been times I have listened to nothing but Zeppelin for a month straight. The music never gets old. I have also spent a lot of time reading on this forum and other sources so I have learned a lot about the band, their history, stories, etc. I'm not near the expert as many here but I think I know more than the average person. LZ is stuck with me from now on. The music is too good to let go of again.
  8. bub72ck

    Cough In WLL

    This. Not sure what it actually is but I hope it's a laugh as a snicker just seems awesomely appropriate.
  9. I'm a drummer and heavily influenced by Bonzo. I love the technical simplicity of his beats. He knows when to play something awesome and when to play absolutely nothing at all. He always maintained such a simple set up with one bass drum and no specialty cymbals (china or splash) etc yet created many different sounds.
  10. Physical Graffiti for me. Very full and robust. The cymbals on IMTOD are fantastic.
  11. I like the song a lot. It's the "happiest" LZ song IMO.
  12. Side 1: Custard Pie Travelling Riverside Blues Since I've been Loving You When the Levee Breaks Side 2: IMTOD Bring it on Home Nobody's Fault But Mine Tea For One
  13. I have been listening to Presence a lot lately and have really grown to like the entire album. I think the circumstances surrounding the writing and recording of the songs shows LZ in raw form. There was no time to play with effects or try something new or think about deeper meaning of a lot of lyrics. They put something together on a whim, recorded basically 24 hours a day until completion and produced on h*ll of an amazing album. To me it may be the best album from start to finish. Tea for One gets downplayed as a poor man's SIBLY but to me it gives a very different feel and tone. I'm immediately taken to a dimly lit smoky bar with a band in the corner drinking scotch and playing to the same 10 people night after night. I don't get that with SIBLY. If you look at LZ songs on the surface a lot of them sound similar but none of them are even close in the minute details.
  14. Bonzoleum on Youtube is a very interesting guy and I think very knowledgable about Bonham in both playing and equipment. He said Bonham was to have a Black Sparkle kit for the American tour that never happened. Would have been awesome to see what JB would have played then and through the 80's, 90's, and today as drum equipment has changed. Here is another interesting tidbit. Bonham used a rented Slingerland kit on the band's first European tour in the late 60's. Here you can see him playing that kit.
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