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  1. I choose the middle 4. (III, IV, Houses of the Holy, Physical Graffitti)
  2. In Dazed and Confuzed when they unconsicously create the riff to Achilles Last Stand. But Rain Song is better.
  3. Either In My Time of Dying or Dazed and Confused Live.
  4. 1. Physical Graffitti (because you get twice as much Zeppelin) 2. Houses of the Holy (the best in regard to song quality) 3. Led Zeppelin IV (every song is a rock and roll standard)
  5. The Song Remains The Same is my favorite Led Zeppelin song and the solo is one of my personal favorites.
  6. Hat's off isn't the worst song ever. It's just a bit weaker compared to the other work zeppelin did.
  7. the only zeppelin album I have at the moment is Zeppelin II. why, because I have been holding out for these since December of last year!
  8. the Rain Song is the greatest acoustic song of all time
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