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  1. Didn't realise that the copy I picked up on a second hand record stall back I around 1982ish was a first edition. Pleased about that. Good job I've no intention of selling it as it's been played to death so won't have any value.
  2. I love all three, but they are not my favourite songs by those bands. In fact, I will frequently skip STH and BR because they have been done to death (especially BR) which has spoiled them for me. I love 70s Queen but several of their big hits I feel exactly the same way about (I hate how they've sold out so much). Those of you who love BR try listening to March of the Black Queen from Queen II. It's exquisite.
  3. Like alot of others on here who were at school in the early 80s, I got a lot of stick for my taste in music. My friends were all into Duran Duran, Human League etc. i hated that kind of music then and I still don't rate it now. I was called a hippy (in a friendly, jokey way) all through school for my taste in music, not just Zep but also Hendrix, early Queen, Pink Floyd, early Bowie etc. I did also like some of the more contemporary stuff like Blondie and Siouxsie and the Banshees but nowhere near to the same extent and often only odd tracks. I was jealous that their favourite bands were
  4. Well I'm 41. Good to see a wide spread of ages (could the large 12-20 group partially be explained by more computer use by that age group?). one problem, Are you not allowed on here if you're over 60? Can't believe there is no one in that age bracket at all given that they could still have still been in their teens when Zep started.
  5. Is Paul still doing really short concerts? This is why I haven't gone to see him this time. Last couple of times I've seen him he has done a really short set, about an hour before encores. With the price of tickets, that's just not on, especially when people travel a long way to see him. He'd be better having an interval if he feels he can't do a long stint in one go anymore.
  6. Yes, this is my fav too. Looks good from the mid sixties to around 1980 but this has to be the best. Not too keen on the 80s perm looking back, but then I had one too. Would love a large photo print of this framed. Anyone know where I might get one?
  7. The Rain Song is just beatiful, one of my all time favs. This album also contains one of the few tracks I skip (the Crunge), easier to do now than when I played it on vinyl.
  8. Whenever you have polls like this, people aren't going to be happy. Bands who should be higher, or not in at all etc. How do they come up with the list? Whilst it's no surprise to see the Beatles at No1, some acts either both way too low down (not just Zep) or not even there. As a previous poster pointed out, the most obvious omissions are Queen and Pink Floyd who don't even make the top 100. I bought Classic Rock here in the UK the other day. They have a list of the best 100 songwriters which includes Page & Plant (essay written by Roy Harper). They're not ranked though so no arg
  9. I got into Zep right at the end, around the time Bonzo died. I was 10 and starting to get really into music. My fav band at the time was Queen and my older brother and his mates were into LZ so I would often here them when he had friends round. Didn't know who they were at the time but I liked what I heard, very much. Just hit me. Had to fiond out who this band was I kept hearing from my brothers bedroom..... Then of course the unthinkable happened and hearing stuff on the radio as well made me put two and two together. I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy that I'd discovered t
  10. Still can't see them playing Glastonbury. I mean, that event is massive and sells out pronto as it is, without adding Zep to the mix.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. In theory, I should be able to do it but he just seems so resistant somehow. I've managed to play him some of the other stuff I like such as selective stuff by the Stones, Hendrix etc without too many problems, but I tried playing him Tangerine earlier today and he disappeared! What is wrong with the man?
  12. Good luck. You are a good soul. I've come across many girls in that situation in my work as a teacher. It's so sad.
  13. Thanks for everything. I just wish I'd been born 15 years earlier!
  14. Maybe. Make up a CD/tape of the stuff suggested above (thanks croquet) and use that? To think the guy I was with for years previously bought me the remasters vinyl box set for Christmas after I'd only been with him 8 months in 1990 and he bore a passing resemblance to Jimmy! Did I go wrong somewhere? No, I do love my man despite him having this major flaw!
  15. Thanks everyone. I know we find it difficult to understand anyone not liking Zep, but they do exist. I am determined to convert him though. I don't expect him ever to be like me but a bit more understanding of my passion would be nice. After all, he knew what I was like when he met me. He always said he thought I was fairly mild at first until he checked out my record collection and realised I rode a (motor)bike. Still, it didn't put him off. Still together after 11 years!
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