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  1. Didn't realise that the copy I picked up on a second hand record stall back I around 1982ish was a first edition. Pleased about that. Good job I've no intention of selling it as it's been played to death so won't have any value.
  2. I love all three, but they are not my favourite songs by those bands. In fact, I will frequently skip STH and BR because they have been done to death (especially BR) which has spoiled them for me. I love 70s Queen but several of their big hits I feel exactly the same way about (I hate how they've sold out so much). Those of you who love BR try listening to March of the Black Queen from Queen II. It's exquisite.
  3. Like alot of others on here who were at school in the early 80s, I got a lot of stick for my taste in music. My friends were all into Duran Duran, Human League etc. i hated that kind of music then and I still don't rate it now. I was called a hippy (in a friendly, jokey way) all through school for my taste in music, not just Zep but also Hendrix, early Queen, Pink Floyd, early Bowie etc. I did also like some of the more contemporary stuff like Blondie and Siouxsie and the Banshees but nowhere near to the same extent and often only odd tracks. I was jealous that their favourite bands were still active, touring units however and I spent much of my teens lamenting that fact that I was born too late . I did get to see Queen, but by then they were a pale shadow of what they had been although still good live. Things improved when I went to university but even there most of the rock soc were into the hair metal bands. These days, many of my old friends who called me hippy appreciate my music now, although the teenagers I work with still can't understand why I don't like rap and dubstep. My husband isn't a huge fan, although no longer an out and out hater. I even managed to drag him along with me to see Robert Plant the other week. Despite his moaning and complaining it was too loud, he did admit that he had enjoyed some of it.
  4. Well I'm 41. Good to see a wide spread of ages (could the large 12-20 group partially be explained by more computer use by that age group?). one problem, Are you not allowed on here if you're over 60? Can't believe there is no one in that age bracket at all given that they could still have still been in their teens when Zep started.
  5. Is Paul still doing really short concerts? This is why I haven't gone to see him this time. Last couple of times I've seen him he has done a really short set, about an hour before encores. With the price of tickets, that's just not on, especially when people travel a long way to see him. He'd be better having an interval if he feels he can't do a long stint in one go anymore.
  6. Yes, this is my fav too. Looks good from the mid sixties to around 1980 but this has to be the best. Not too keen on the 80s perm looking back, but then I had one too. Would love a large photo print of this framed. Anyone know where I might get one?
  7. The Rain Song is just beatiful, one of my all time favs. This album also contains one of the few tracks I skip (the Crunge), easier to do now than when I played it on vinyl.
  8. Whenever you have polls like this, people aren't going to be happy. Bands who should be higher, or not in at all etc. How do they come up with the list? Whilst it's no surprise to see the Beatles at No1, some acts either both way too low down (not just Zep) or not even there. As a previous poster pointed out, the most obvious omissions are Queen and Pink Floyd who don't even make the top 100. I bought Classic Rock here in the UK the other day. They have a list of the best 100 songwriters which includes Page & Plant (essay written by Roy Harper). They're not ranked though so no arguements to have there. Some strange inclusions though. Iron Maiden? Really?
  9. I got into Zep right at the end, around the time Bonzo died. I was 10 and starting to get really into music. My fav band at the time was Queen and my older brother and his mates were into LZ so I would often here them when he had friends round. Didn't know who they were at the time but I liked what I heard, very much. Just hit me. Had to fiond out who this band was I kept hearing from my brothers bedroom..... Then of course the unthinkable happened and hearing stuff on the radio as well made me put two and two together. I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy that I'd discovered this great band who quickly took over Queen as my favs (not helped by the crap queen mainly released in the 80s), but gutted by the realisation that it was all over and I'd just missed them. First Zep I remember hearing was Whole Lotta Love.
  10. Still can't see them playing Glastonbury. I mean, that event is massive and sells out pronto as it is, without adding Zep to the mix.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. In theory, I should be able to do it but he just seems so resistant somehow. I've managed to play him some of the other stuff I like such as selective stuff by the Stones, Hendrix etc without too many problems, but I tried playing him Tangerine earlier today and he disappeared! What is wrong with the man?
  12. Good luck. You are a good soul. I've come across many girls in that situation in my work as a teacher. It's so sad.
  13. Thanks for everything. I just wish I'd been born 15 years earlier!
  14. Maybe. Make up a CD/tape of the stuff suggested above (thanks croquet) and use that? To think the guy I was with for years previously bought me the remasters vinyl box set for Christmas after I'd only been with him 8 months in 1990 and he bore a passing resemblance to Jimmy! Did I go wrong somewhere? No, I do love my man despite him having this major flaw!
  15. Thanks everyone. I know we find it difficult to understand anyone not liking Zep, but they do exist. I am determined to convert him though. I don't expect him ever to be like me but a bit more understanding of my passion would be nice. After all, he knew what I was like when he met me. He always said he thought I was fairly mild at first until he checked out my record collection and realised I rode a (motor)bike. Still, it didn't put him off. Still together after 11 years!
  16. Don't know how it happened, but I ended up married to someone not into Zep Now, I love him dearly, but life sure would be better if he shared my passion. He could not understand my excitement over the reunion concert, even though he knows I've loved Zep for 27/28 years but never had chance to see them. Nearly wet his pants when he found out I'd paid £125 for my ticket and it caused some arguements (''but we need a new kitchen''). Kitchen or Zep ticket? Yes, very difficult decision that one! Any suggestions (apart from get a new husband) of the easiest introductions to Zep? I've tried before with limited success with the fourth album. Maybe individual tracks? Perhaps the full versions of No Quarter or Dazed and Confused would not be the best choices at this stage me thinks. He likes Judie Tzuke, ELO and Dire Straits if it's any help.
  17. Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you all have a good one and fingers crossed for a tour (and tickets!).
  18. Yes, I am already starting to panic about getting hold of tickets if there is a tour. As they are unlikely to play near me, the box office thing could be difficult, but I would be willing to do it. I am worried about getting hold of tickets, touts taking a large number of tickets and taking the prices way out of the price range of most of us. Hopefully, the talk of action against those sites selling tickets at massive markups will have seen something happen by then. On the subject of online sites, there were several advertising tickets for the O2 show at sky high prices. Does anyone know if anyone managed to get a ticket from them and if it was valid? They have such a poor reputation I'd be surprised if there weren't many pissed off Zep fans somewhere seriously out of pocket who believed they could get tickets this way. Thought something might have made the news by now, or maybe I've missed it.
  19. I was in block 401. A couple of guys behind me kept getting up for the bar / toilet. Like alot of you have said, why? I mean, who would want to miss a single second of this by going to the bar or having to go to the loo. Also, because they were sat down all the time, I rarely stood up myself. I would have prefered to stand but knowing that I wouldn't be able to get time off work and would therefore arrive later, I didn't want to be at the back so I got seats. I wish I had stood up in front of them after the show. When I picked up my coat and handbag from under my seat it was soaking wet with beer they had knocked over. No apology either!
  20. Yes, I haven't come down off the ceiling either. After all the panic about getting there on time, I was collecting my tickets at 5.55 on Monday. Talk about panicking! I then had to get back to Yorkshire after the show for work in the morning, so I'm still knackered as well. Not been able to stop myself telling everyone and anyone about it (including all the kids I teach). Sadly, my other half has no taste, despite my best efforts, and just isn't interested I belong to that generation who got into Zep towards the end but were too young to have seen them. I never thought I would ever experience this. I still can't quite believe I was there. If I got hit my a bus tomorrow I'd die happy. Now I'm already starting to worry about getting hold of tickets if there are more shows. Have a great christmas everyone.
  21. Phew, panic over I'm taking the passcode and my friends name and address etc anyway, just to be on the safe side. Anyway, I'm in block 401, anyone else near? And I can't believe ebay and other sites are still flogging tickets. Makes you wonder how many empty seats they'll be. Any empty seats will be criminal with the number of people who can't get in.
  22. OK, I'm starting to panic now. Used a friends passcode (from the first ballot) as they weren't sure they could go (and now can't since the change of date, so I'm going with someone else). Got an email from ticketmaster confirming the tickets will be valid as they are from the first ballot. Also got all the details, passcode etc but not the original email. My friend who won the ballot is out of the country and I'm not at all confident that I can get hold of them in time, let alone get them to forward the email. That's not even considering that they might have deleted it after all this time. Help!
  23. I'm in block 401 too, I was wondering about the view from there given the angle to the stage. Anyone know what to expect?
  24. Believe me, there is something more important, even than this.
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