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  1. 1.Sympthom Of The Universe 2.Paranoid 3.NIB 4.Sabbra Cadabra 5.Behind The Wall Of Sleep 6.Chidren Of The Sea 7.Black Sabbath 8.Iron Man 9.Killing Yourself To Live 10.Snowblind
  2. Most of the seventies Sabbath albums are masterpieces.
  3. 1.Unleashed In The East 2.Sad Wings Of Desteny 3.British Steel 4.Killing Machine 5.Defenders Of The Faith 5.Sin After Sin 6.Stained Class 7.Painkiller 8.Point Of Entry 9.Angel Of Retribution 10.Screaming For Vengance 11.Rocka Rolla 12.Turbo
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