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  1. the song remains the same. i love it when he plays the 15 fret on the e at 7:44
  2. The Rover, The Ocean, The Rain Song, The Wanton Song, Out on the Tiles.
  3. Hot Dog, Boogie With Stu, Carouselambra and most of Coda.
  4. ITALY!!! english dad and italian mother
  5. can't really make one cause they're all at the same level but: 1. Stairway to Heaven 1. Kashmir 1. Whole Lotta Love 1. Achilles Last Stand 1. Black Dog 1. When the Levee Breaks 1. Since I've Been Loving You 1. The Immigrant Song 1. Communication Breakdown 1. Dazed and Confused but there's the rain song, the song remains the same, no quarter which don't fit :'(
  6. 16 and i love led zep as °_° nutella
  7. whole lotta love ;> but ramble on and thank you are lovely
  8. Voted for Stairway to Heaven, but WTLB and Black Dog are sooooo good
  9. Uhm... IV or I! I go for IV cause it's got my favorite song EVER, might be overplayed, but it so beautiful I never get tired of it, Stairway to Heaven
  10. Dazed and Confused ;> even though i LOVE the whole thing!
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