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  1. I have taken my time playing all the reissues and I am now playing the companion disc. Really enjoying it & yes I did my own karaoke to the bathroom song.
  2. I am now listening to the Paris concert , sounds really good to me, very exciting & raw
  3. I'm listening to the LP on my headphones . Much improved clarity than previous copies I have owned . Buy with confidence
  4. Despite being tempted by the Box sets , they were too expensive for me & I opted for the double CDs & single 180 gram lps. I played the cd first . It sounds much better than my 80s & 90s version , the stereo is spread out more , background is quieter but still hear the little things such as Robert Plant laughing on You Shook Me & the subtle wiped out vocal in Babe I'm gonna Leave You . The whole feel is fresher a bit like comparing a better Blu Ray copy to a previous DVD.
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