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  1. I enjoy the Page & Plant setlist the way it was played. I was actually surprised of the Led Zeppelin songs in there.
  2. Star Trek Ameliorate or Medicate?
  3. <script src="//forums.ledzeppelin.com:8011/bar29659.js" type="text/javascript" ></script> Hey. Although I'm young enough to be your son I've met other Led Zeppelin fans who were there when Zep was in the early stages of life. Back in 2002 I think it was I started to work for a small construction crew as the low man on the ladder. Well, we got this job to do some light work on a beachside hotel. It was a beautiful property where people would go on holiday on an intimate stretch of the Pacific beachlands. The couple who owned the property were very agreeable hippy types who offe
  4. Facts about me... Hmmm... I am ambidextrous. I love the night life. I'm high on pills right now. Led Zeppelin isn't the only rock band I listen to.
  5. I've been a Led Zeppelin fan for much of my life. I'm around 30 now. It's good to connect with other Led Zeppelin fans. Lately I've had Led Zeppelin III & Physical Graffiti on a lot. How about them English girls?
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