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  1. This picture in the LZII box set book is great. I don't have a scanner but here's a pic of the page.
  2. Yeah, I guessed that upon inspection. So, if a person were hoping to get a particular, special number, it seems it would be very difficult.
  3. I only have LZII so far. There's no number on the box that i can see but the print of the cover art is numbered. I got 08232.
  4. I can't believe LATimes reviewer called SIBLY "rancid".
  5. I finally invested in decent quality headphones and have been listening to LZ's albums with even greater appreciation. And I've been blown away by John Bonham's drums now that I can hear them so much more clearly. He was amazing. I'll be playing "Moby Dick" in his honor, loud.
  6. No I don't know for sure but many accounts of people who traveled with the band describe the large quantities of drugs that were around, esp. on the Starship. Plus, Jimmy is drinking JD out of the bottle. Plus, he himself said after the O2 show that it was the first gig he played totally sober and he admits to having done a lot of recreational drugs during the 70s. Plus I was kidding about Robert.
  7. Here is a screen capture from the 5-21-14 appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
  8. The Wind Cries Mary -- Jimi Hendrix
  9. Home sick with a cold. Not a big deal but I wish I had some Zep re releases to listen to. June 3rd is too far away.
  10. I don't like music videos. Concert recordings are great but not scripted music videos. I'd rather just listen.
  11. Oh okay, thanks for that correction. I took that word "stealing" as Jeff joking around but that he got permission. So Howlin' Wolf got credit but no money? But did anyone sue Jeff? If not why not, I wonder.
  12. I agree re. the legal team but the band would need to clue the legal team in since the lawyers didn't necessarily know the blues or folk as well as musicians would, at least at that time. If songs were presented to the lawyers and record company as originals, they wouldn't necessarily have researched the source songs to verify if they really were in the public domain or checked to see if the amount used was small enough to pass scrutiny. If band members did alert the legal team and the legal team counseled them to not credit, then yes the legal team is at fault, even more than the band. Edit: another consideration is did they even have a legal team when they made the first album? They had Peter Grant for sure but did he have a regular lawyer he worked with? Or did they use Atlantic's team after being signed?
  13. I agree. Their own songs and reworkings of others' songs are so brilliant, it's a shame that they were not more careful with proper credits. Pay the money to use the songs and reap more (untarnished) glory down the road. I have original vinyl of Jeff Beck's Truth and he credits people right on the back of the sleeve, so obviously some people were managing or at least trying to do the right thing. But just because Zep magpied some song ideas doesn't mean they took Taurus.
  14. It might be a ring, a shield type ring.
  15. Showing how to wear a beard with style: And what "Saturnine" means:
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