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  1. Regarding badgeholder's comment: First off, no one here claims to "know" what Zep members think. Some folks are simply engaging in speculation, theorizing, and plain old guess work. Why? Because to some people it's an enjoyable passtime. They love Led Zep and enjoy talking about all things related. People come in many different personality types and for hundreds of years humans have been devising systems that attempt to describe and categorize the different types. Astrology is one such system which we know was of interest to Jimmy Page. A more recent one is Myers-Briggs. The la
  2. ^ Zep sure does. Both my local record store guys say that Zeppelin is still selling, with the young vinylophiles scooping up all the vintage LPs that come in. I bet the 180 gram vinyl LPs will be a big hit with that crowd as well.
  3. I love Robert and his incredible, beautiful voice but I really wish he would come around to Jimmy's angle on touring. It's interesting that when asked if they are friends, Robert basically says "no" because they aren't exactly but in this article he likens their relationship to that of brothers. And they are sort of squabbling like siblings. I wish all 3 of them had been closer friends back in the day. Then Jimmy might now have a bit more emotional pull on the other two. They are all just so different. It is pretty magical that they made such amazing music together.
  4. I went to a different record store to pick up a second super deluxe box (LZIII) and they gave me a nice bag of LZ swag including tote bag, poster, small posters, coasters, large button, small buttons, stickers, bookmark, and turntable slip guard. I love it! The music is what's important but the freebies are fun!
  5. I picked up super deluxe LZII at a local record store. They also had LZI available but hadn't received LZIII yet. I hope there are not supply issues with super deluxe LZIII because I'd like to get one once I can save up. I was disappointed not to hear anything about these releases on the local rock station (although I wasn't listening consistently) and also that they weren't highlighted on iTunes that I could see.
  6. I got the super deluxe box for this one and now I want LZI and LZIII deluxe boxes too. The book is wonderful, containing photos I haven't seen before and even a replica of the 1969 concert program. Neat stuff. Some songs on the LP sound good on my record player with headphones plugged in. Others sound odd. Like Heartbreaker. The vocals sound very muffled and the guitar very loud. This could be due to my having a cheap record player though. I had to borrow a friend's laptop computer to hear the HD download files since I couldn't get the ZIP file that they come in to open on my phone o
  7. This picture in the LZII box set book is great. I don't have a scanner but here's a pic of the page.
  8. I like both bands. Zep's sound appeals to me even more than the Stones' sound though. Sometimes I wish Jimmy Page had produced a Stones album. I would have liked to hear that! One of my favorite passages in Keith's book is when he's busted for drugs and wishing he could be tried by a jury of his peers...like, say, Jimmy Page and some other hard partying guitarists. That was pretty funny.
  9. Yeah, I guessed that upon inspection. So, if a person were hoping to get a particular, special number, it seems it would be very difficult.
  10. I only have LZII so far. There's no number on the box that i can see but the print of the cover art is numbered. I got 08232.
  11. I don't have a stereo system so thanks for posting this. I'd like to get ideas for future purchases. I want to be able to play LPs and to plug in an iPod.
  12. I can't believe LATimes reviewer called SIBLY "rancid".
  13. I finally invested in decent quality headphones and have been listening to LZ's albums with even greater appreciation. And I've been blown away by John Bonham's drums now that I can hear them so much more clearly. He was amazing. I'll be playing "Moby Dick" in his honor, loud.
  14. With his studio techie knowledge, passion for gear and modding gear, and obsessive attention to detail, he was the proto-hot geek decades before "hot geek" became a thing.
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