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  1. oh, yeah, my mom could not understand why I wanted a record that costs $34 and what the big deal was. This was about 1984
  2. My favorite memories were discovering LZ bootleg albums and buying them. I felt like I had something really special. One Christmas, things were tight on money and all I asked for was Melancholy Danish Pageboys Get It On (7-23-79). I saw it in the small, independent shop and wanted it so bad. I still have it, of course. It was a bonanza of 3 lps and a great recording.
  3. I am surprised nobody has talked about the new HBO series by Jagger and Scorsese. Zeppelin is a large part of the story with actors portraying Plant and Grant, albeit not very well. The entire backstage scene with Grant from Song Remains The Same is played out.
  4. Difficult question. Obviously, without the first nothing else would have happened. Every album afterwards (up to Physical Graffiti) solidified that this was more than a band. PG really continued the songwriting and instrumental prowess of the band. Each album was important but PG nailed it in the coffin that this band was one of the best ever
  5. Sorry, but that is completely amateur psychology. You have no idea who these people are other than a random snippet in the media. I really doubt they are having problems with each other. They dont exactly hang out any more and who wants to be an old man trying to re-live glory days?
  6. I love all the amateur psychology regarding Plant. It is done friends. The only one that has been teasing about a reunion is the media.
  7. I saw him a few weeks ago in Denver, Co and it was the best I have ever seen him. The band is awesome and I like a lot of the new songs. Spoonful was great live, I remember the breakdown groove they had going on
  8. The Guitar World site is horrendous on my ipad. Is this video available yet?
  9. Now this would be cool but doubtful. IF this was to happen, I would hope they get an awesome rhythm section, unlike Coverdale/Page.
  10. A closed letter to Robert Plant: Thanks man! It was cool! Im glad you still continue to explore and move forward, just like Zep did. One can never go back. Rock on!
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