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  1. QuiL

    Hey Folks!

    I live in Bavaria... to be more precise: "Niederbayern" -> The east of Bavaria ^^
  2. QuiL

    Hey Folks!

    Hi! Finally I´ve created an account... My Name is Marco, 17 years old and from Germany. Since i heard LedZep for the first time (guess it was 8th or 9th grade) it is my fav band and there is no day without ´em!
  3. I´ve voted for Dazed and Confused. I also use a bow on guitar quite often and before the "San Francisco"-Part.. Gosh, music never sounded so sweet and so.. magical But to be honest, i would also pick No Quarter cuz of the Riff (ha, I remember when i heard it for the first time), Stairway (because its motherlovin´ Stairway...) and so on
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