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  1. First, yes, total first world issue, no doubt. Perhaps not really important in the big picture. But for me, music is one of lifes greatest things, a hobby and passion that I take pretty seriously. For the casual listener, there's not the appreciation so there's very little interest in quality. Second, perhaps "strips the soul out" is a bit dramatic but màybe not. The analog chain is a still in the physical domain, something that I think registers not only on the sonic level but on an overall physical level. A digital file is converted into ones and zeros and is then reconstituted into an audible signal. I hold that on a really fine audio system, a pure, well mixed analog album is more organic and natural sounding and there is an obvious difference in quality from a digital source. The Beatles last LP release from digital files was a relative sonic and financial flop, panned by consumers and critics. I'm sure Paul's not losing any sleep. For serious listeners, it's like the difference between fast food and a meal prepared with top ingredients by a master chef. And frankly, if you've never heard a really excellent analog system, it would impossible to make an educated critique of the difference between the two formats. That's why companies that sell DACs that can cost up to $30,000 still say things like "analog sound"; they know that's still the gold standard and they're still pretty far away from it. Conversely, The Doors re-issue from master tapes, done with time and care were a total success. People really appreciated and acknowledged the effort put into preserving the treasure that these pieces of music are. That being said, if there was an opportunity to clean up, clarify and make whole things that Jimmy felt needed to be done and the only way he felt he could do that is with a digital mix, which is what he's obvioisly done, then I'll just have withhold judgement until the release is out and hope for the best. When restorations are done on great pieces of art, they don't just take a digital picture of it, clean it up in Photoshop and then slap it on top of the original. I hope that's not what's happening here.
  2. ''...The idea is they sound better than the original pressings. So...of course they're from digital transfers. " That's the whole point. For a lot of people even the best digital sounds like crap compared to properly mixed and edited analog. Thanks for the thread link though.
  3. Hi Jimmy and anyone else that might be reading this, I'm hoping to get the official, clarified confirmation on whether the Vinyl reissues have been converted to a digital format, which I believe is what I read. While this may provide some apparent sonic clarity, the Vinyl purists out here would appreciate, adore, love, celebrate, riot and pillage, go on hunger strikes etc. to have a pure analog > analog > analog reissue. Call us crazy, out of date, out of touch, but to our ears that digital sound just about strips the soul right out of the music. I'm sure the digital versions will be incredible for digital but we're begging you, BEGGING, please let us have an all analog pressing, to have a chance to experience as close as possible the magic, brilliance and heart that was captured in the original pressings. Thanks, Michael
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