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  1. Favorite Live Song:Dazed And Confused(Any Year For Me Will Do) Least Favorite Live Song:The Battle Of Evermore(Its One Of The Songs That Requires An Extra Singer For It That Can Hit High Notes Which The Only Band Member That Can Do That Is Robert)
  2. 6/23/77 For Me Page just is so loose but also quite tight Plant nails the vocals Jones keeps the classic gallop the bass and the absolute highlight is Bonham just unbelievable it is one of three songs where even when im air drumming to it im absolutely exhausted the other two are Trampled Underfoot and Moby Dick
  3. my top 3 are BBC Sessions(1971) The Song Remains The Same(1973) Earls Court(1975)
  4. I Think The June 2, 1973 is my favorite 1973 show if I had to choose one to go back in time to from 73 it would be that one
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