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    My interests? Queen, Led Zeppelin, Them Crooked Vultures and Pink Floyd :))
    Lil side note: In particular Brian May (Queen), John Paul Jones (LZ & TCV) and Roger Waters (PF) are my sweethearts <3
    Oh right I like making music too, I'm a percussionist. :)

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  1. ah look at this sweetheart with David Rawlings at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in 2014... I've got a little present for you hahahha: A very adorable Jonesy visiting Chief Coffee last June 20th (2015) for a cup of.... coffee !!!
  2. Hello !!!!!!! I love JOhn Paul Jones

  3. *cries over Jonesy's perfectness*

  4. I voted The Song Remains The Same, for I will never grow tired of that song -never- it will always sound fresh, new, and full of life. MOSTLY because of mr. John Baldwin's GENIUS bass playing on it... Love that song so much!! But... I just..... this wasn't really a fair poll. Rather unfair, really. How can one choose between dozens of perfect bass lines?? Jonesy is one in a million. Just..... I won't even get started on him because I can literally talk about him for hours!!! But okay. Even his work on the bass is... just.... amazing. I couldn't really choose... Welll, kinda. But it's still
  5. Hi y'all!! Gonna give you some eye-candy: 1975 John Paul Jones...... Sooooooo hot
  6. YES YES YES!!!!!! I can't hold my exitement!!! I'll be more than delighted to hear it confirmed.... I fell in love with them almost exactly 1 year ago, and I said to myself... "I'm sure they'll get back together. They LOVE playing together and they've said it so many times this band won't end here. But there are a few things going on for all three of them- so I'm aiming on late 2015-early 2016." And, now I think , I may have been right in that. I'm so happy!!
  7. Hey friends, I'm sorry for being inactive. I might explain later why. No worries about me not replying and stuff..... Well, I'll see you soon, I hope x

  8. I feel your pain. I 've gotten VERY much into Them Crooked Vultures since a few months. It hurts. They're the only band which I have hope for of seeing live. But, hey........ You asked, what happened?, well... These three men are all amazing, talented musicians. All of them. That also means they're busy making music and all that jazz. At this very moment: -Dave Grohl ~ he is always busy. hahaha well but seriously, he's about to release the 8th album with his band, Foo Fighters. New album = New tour, basically. So mr. Grohl is busy -Josh Homme ~ I'm not certain what exactly he's t
  9. I would like to have it!!! Hahaha But, let's get serious again... I'm not sure how much it's worth. I think that the two other commentars here above me, The Dark Lord and SteveAJones, gave you a good sight of what it might be worth. I just wanted to let you know I would be interested, haha
  10. Hi everyone, can you still post your birthday to be added to the calendar???? (My birthday is April 21st!) xxxxxxx
  11. Ik heb ook nooit gezegd dat ik het wilde verven hoor lieve schat Ik hoopte alleen dat mensen niet vonden dat ik mezelf iets te veel in de hemel aan het prijzen was, weet je wel en neuhhhhhh verven is niks voor mij!!! Ik hou van blond!!! vele blonde groeten terug, uit Zoetermeer xx
  12. Fool in the Raaaaainnnnn!!!!! FITR was the song... it got me into Led Zeppelin. Makes it even more joyful for me I was trying to love other bands than just Queen, and decided to give Led Zeppelin a try (best decision EVER btw). After hearing Fool In The Rain I just kept and kept on replaying it After a while I started to enjoy more of their songs and themself more and more and more...... and heyyy suddenly I was a Led Head ohhh dear
  13. Shall I change my username to Janneke, or Janneke Queenie-LedHead, or no?? Ahh life choices.... lol

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