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  1. Thanks to Strider for the suggestions for books: Started with this one "A Celebration" http://www.amazon.co...03300107&sr=1-2 As a (very amature) musician I adore stuff like this. Thanks sir Best wishes John
  2. Hey another NW newbie Welcome. My fav song by the band is currently Achillies Last Stand...But it can change daily. Best wishes John
  3. Indeed...Same here. I am excited about the new releases of IV and THOTH as well. Best wishes John
  4. A chap call Armando Gallo who used to take photo's of all the big bands of the 70,s when they came to Italy has just posted on Farcebook a photo he says is in the Led Zeppelin 4 box set. Great photo as well. I have asked if he has any inside info on when it being released and will post if I get a reply. Best wishes John
  5. Hi all. Chester has retired. I gather that not many Phil solo fans here then Best wishes John
  6. Hi Steve...... Loving the "Wham" part of that answer ..... Good work sir. Actually as a Scouser I would put Led Zeppelin WAY WAY WAY above both The Beatles and Stones.... All about personal taste I know but .... Best wishes John
  7. Hi all. Can't see a topic for this so................. Lee Syklar has confirmed that Jason will be "sitting in" for some rehearsals for Phil's band in August in Miami. I know that Phil is regarded with distain by some Led Zeppelin fans due to the whole Live Aid thing but he has always been a hero of mine with Genesis and indeed solo. ( I love pop music as well guys so don't hate me for that . Great drummer and singer and not his fault that he was over exposed in the 80/90s. Jason would be a great choice for Phil's drummer in my opinion and looking forward to seeing if he deci
  8. Thanks so much Strider, I will look at the books you recommend. It appears I need to buy "DVD" first after reading some comments. Last night was listening to LZ3 with wife and she agrees with me that they were superb. Odd as she doens't care my for my choice in music any other time Best wishes John
  9. Hmmmm I need to get a hold of this as I'm a newbie to Zeppelin live. Mate of mine contributed to this a chap called Andy Banks took some 8mm film of the Knebworth gig which was used in it. Credit crad about to take another battering.... Best wishes John
  10. Thanks for all your recommendations everyone Fell asleep listening to Thats The Way last night with Bose headphones on...Not done that in years Best wishes John
  11. Hi there I sort of gathered that by the reaction here but as a read ( I sort of treat it as fiction) is was entertaining. Loving all the songs really and the joy of discovering this band has really cheered me up. Currently cannot stop playing the third album special edition. Adore that album but my favouriote song still is ACS. Loving this forum as well. Best wishes John
  12. Cheers sir I will look into that at once. Best wishes John
  13. Hi all. I am a relative latecomer to the Led Zeppelin worshippers I just feel so lucky to have found their music after such a long time not being really that interested. You can imagine how excited I am listening to all the albums for the first time and hearing songs like Friends/In My Time Of Dying/That's The Way/The Rain Song/Babe I'm Gonna Leave You and many more for the first time in a lot of cases. I have just started reading about the band as well in several books (Hammer Of The Gods and Trampled Underfoot) so any suggestions for better books are more than welcome. Stupid now
  14. That is quickly becomming my all time favourite version. Currently listening to Friends live the one time they ever played it in Japan which is superb. I feel very lucky and excited to be discovering the band so late in my life. I'm hearing songs for the first time and all the albums are never far away from my in car CD Best wishes John
  15. Indeed I do jimjam. Would have loved to see them back in the day and I am 50 so probably could have gone to Knebworth at least..... I have been listening to live work mainly (75 and 77 boots) and loving stuff like "Sick Again" and TSRTS. I just sort of thought they were ok but overated...Ok kill me now Not even sure why I am finding them so appealing now other than I am older and wiser..... Best wishes John
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