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  1. I've always liked his crazy blues run style playing in 1969 the best.
  2. Got rid of my Danelctro and traded it for a Tokai Flying V
  3. Is your name a reference to Diamond Head?

    1. borrowed time

      borrowed time

      oh, sorry, just now checking on things for my account & saw this.  no, its because i am living on borrowed time as i could be dead now for several reasons.... its been a tough go of it at times.

  4. Back when metal was just Metal (before all the crazy amounts of subgenres)
  5. I have a: Blackstar ID15 TVP amp 2016 Danelectro DC59 in Red 2000 Epiphone Les Paul Standard 1970s Epiphone 12 string Acoustic Unknown year Vintage VGA900 6 string Acoustic
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