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  1. Funny fact. If you listen about 2 seconds before the second guitar starts, you can hear Jimmy's Fingers slide up the strings. It's more audible with headphones.
  2. I have never dated ever. And I have also never kissed a girl.
  3. Kashmir isn't even my favorite song on Physical Graffiti. Ten Years Gone is.
  4. 1. Stairway To Heaven (favorite song of all time) 2. Achilles Last Stand 3. The Rain Song 4. Ten Years Gone 5. Tea For One 6. Carouselambra 7. The Rover 8. Tangerine 9. In The Light 10. No Quarter
  5. After 4 years of not playing onstage, he somehow manages to still look comfortable playing up there.
  6. It may not be much, but at least we know he is willing to play on stage again, and that he can still play at all.
  7. Yeah, I'd say Jimmy is ready. Although I'm disappointed that he didn't do the duck face once
  8. Watch any live show of Zeppelin, where it's towards the end of the show. Even back in 1973 (arguably Jimmy's peak of playing), he is drenched. Stairway To Heaven on the 2003 dvd (Earls Court), Page is also drenched. He has always sweated on stage.
  9. The solo on 'Smile on me' is one of Page's bests, IMO.
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