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  1. Carouselambra is in my top 10 favorite Zeppelin songs, even above Whole Lotta Love and Kashmir. I feel that the last 3 tracks (side 2 of the vinyl) is the highlight of the Album for me.
  2. Interesting. I don't own a Strat, but that has gotten me very interested now.
  3. Not true. He was sloppier in 1980 than in 1977 and 1975. In 1980, his guitar was quite high up.
  4. I actually really like the intro from Achilles in this show. Makes a change from the fast pace intro to a lot of Achilles from this tour
  5. This is way the 1977 Tour will always be my favorite Zeppelin Tour. After almost a half hour of Instrumental, Jimmy goes from his Bow solo and into Achilles Last Stand without an indication. It completely throws everyone off who might be completely bored. Then Stairway straight after Achilles. It's just absolutely perfect.
  6. Currently listening to this show. Well, what we have of it, anyway. It's not bad at all so far, just a bit average. It's certainly no 21/6/77, 28/4/77 or even 17/7/77, I can tell you that much.
  7. I think the companion audio would be better if the rough mixes and reference mixes were basically the songs without overdubs. At all. Like, for example, Ten Years Gone with only the basic Rhythm Track, and without the 13 other guitars added to it. And also Stairway with just the acoustic Guitar and the Solo, and that's it. That would be much better than say a slightly different mix of a song, but happens to also sound virtually the same.
  8. Thinking of re-working this a bit on Guitar
  9. Is there really an argument and discussion about Irony here?
  10. Although not really liking Classical Music, I have been getting into Chopin recently, after being inspired by Page's 'Prelude' from the Death Wish II soundtrack.
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