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  1. Vocals - Ronnie James Dio Guitar 1 - Jimmy page Guitar 2 - Steve Clark Bass - Steve Harris Drums - Keith Moon
  2. For me, his worst would be Dancing Days, but even that has some good lines His best would be Ten Years gone.
  3. Steve Clark, formally from Def Leppard. Passed away at the age of 30 in 1991. My 2nd biggest inspiration when it comes to Guitar. His idol was Page
  4. Second coolest guy to ever wield a Double neck
  5. I've seen that clip before. I thought it was very cool and nice that Page said that Rush was a band he was excited for.
  6. That singer has absolutely nailed Plant. Sounds exactly like him at some points
  7. Being back at college and seeing my class again has made me happy. Started working on a song too
  8. Well, outside of ALS and NFBM, no one seems to talk about Presence. People talk about the first 4 being classic albums, houses being a bit different, with No Quarter, TSRTS and OTHAFA getting special mentions. PG gets talked about because it is also their only double album, and features lots of their most loved songs. ITTOD gets mentioned because it's last ever album, and is completely different to their other material. And CODA gets mentioned because it is their 'scraps' album, and not many seem to like it.
  9. Favorite Album: Physical Graffiti Most Underrated: Presence
  10. Interesting. This was before Page painted his Tele with the Dragon design. He has the reflective pickguard on though
  11. I think i read they took out Thank you and SIBLY because Jonesy's organ and keyboard didn't record properly
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