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  1. Not to mention at the end of WIAWSNB, Jimmy clearly tunes his low E down to a D for Moby Dick, but they edited it to go straight into HMMT (which is in standard tuning)
  2. It's an interesting riff, although a bit difficult to play. The Version Page did with the Black Crowes is great
  3. So what was the real reason why Page never started on a second solo album? In Outrider interviews, he talked about how he would have approached the next album, but he didn't say anything more than that.
  4. In the late 70s, early 80s, Heavy Metal was enjoying a resurgence in Britain, with British Musicians taking up Instruments and forming Bands all across the country. Musically, NWOBHM took the likes of early Hard Rock and Metal artists, such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and AC DC, and fused it with the energy of Punk music. NWOBHM music was fast, heavy and mighty. They also took elements from Progressive Rock as well, often creating Long prog metal songs. Lyrically, They were rooted in Rebellion and Fantasy. Some notable bands around the time included Iron Maiden, Saxon, Girlschool, Diamond Head, Venom and Def Leppard. Most of the bands fell into obscurity, with some exceptions Here are some classic NWOBHM tunes. Enjoy Def Leppard - 'Rock Brigade', from their album 'On Through The Night' released in 1980 Iron Maiden - 'Phantom Of The Opera', from their self Titled Album, released in 1980 Girlschool - 'Race With The Devil', from their album 'Demolition', released in 1980 Saxon - 'Frozen Rainbow', from their self titled album, released in 1979
  5. If I understand, when Robert suggested it for PG, the rest of the band laughed at him
  6. Listen to this Eddie: During Jimmy's Noise solo, towards the middle: ''We've already had the guitar lesson''
  7. Jimmy Page needs to see this. Great work. I love the arrangement you did.
  8. 45% of Physical Graffiti, 85% of Presence, and all of In through The Outdoor
  9. I must be the only person here who doesn't mind his 80s hair
  10. Sunday Mornings Tacos or Wraps?
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