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  1. 'The Dark Side of The Moon' by Pink Floyd Classic album. Everyone should listen to it at least one point in their life.
  2. I have listened to the new Led Zeppelin 1 Remaster. The sound quality is amazing. It also has improved the one thing that all mp3 files have due to being compressed files - Sibilance. The Sibliance on the new remasters is very minimal, which I find is very impressive of Page to be able to do.
  3. I like Vinyls. There's something nice about putting a needle on the vinyl, as apposed to putting a CD in a CD Player or pressing the play button on my Ipod.
  4. To stop her, I think she should attempt 'Wearing and Tearing', and watch as her voice box explodes onstage.
  5. Picture the Scene: You have a friend. They have never heard Zeppelin before (I know, terrible right?). You want to introduce them to Led Zeppelin and see if they like the Band. The question is, which album do you recommened to them. The Album has to incorporate all the things that make Led Zeppelin great, while also showing the greatest diversity. Which album do you choose?
  6. 'Since I've been loving you' from the No Quarter album by Robert Plant and Jimmy Page
  7. The guy I'm referring to is towards the end. He has longish hair and is wearing a T-shirt and Jeans.
  8. What about the guy who walks on stage, reaches down by Jimmy's feet then walks off? What was that about?
  9. 'In The Light' I would also say is overlooked. In fact, I would say alot of tracks from PG are overlooked.
  10. The first 2 minutes is the best. Robert Plant says 'Just trying to remember if we have any hits'
  11. Couldn't find a Thread for this, so here is one now. Post your Desktop Wallpaper below Here's mine
  12. Hi all. I've been listening to the Heartbreaker Improv that Jimmy does on the 'How the West was Won' Album. I have a question. During Jimmy's improv, he does this little tune that I have heard before, but I don't know what it is. On the HTWWW album, the bit I'm talking about is at 4:42. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Welcome! Well, that's an interesting way to pick up women.
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