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  1. When I hear and read about the noise solos, I'll always think about that guy on Listen to this eddie, who screams 'We've already had the Guitar lesson'
  2. If I was Jimmy, i would recorded at least 5 shows of the tour
  3. I imagine it's because Robert said 'Acoustic Only'. I suppose this probably means that Page would rather do a mixture of Acoustic and Electric Material
  4. I just don't understand what goes on in Page's head. he did a massive reissue campaign in 2014/2015. He oversaw hundreds of photos for his book way back in 2010, as well the photos for the deluxe versions of the Zeppelin albums. And did he not once think 'Seeing all these old photos of myself onstage, wearing my Les Paul, maybe it's finally time to get out there again'. I mean, he's Jimmy Page, for one thing, it won't be hard to find musicians (I mean, what musicians WOULDN'T want to play with Jimmy Page?) The only thing I could think of is the fact that he is completely out of idea
  5. I find there's nothing wrong with the original mix, although 'The Epic' does sound better. This song has been in my top 10 Zeppelin songs for a while now. It's actually above Kashmir IMO.
  6. I'm a big fan of Video game music. before i got into music by Bands and artists, all I ever listened to was Video game music. Music from Zelda, Castlevania, Mario and others. Mainly it was NES and SNES music. here's some of my favorites that I still listen to today: Also, not video game music, but I did find this:
  7. I can't tell if anything is obscured, but is Bonham really using a single snare drum in that photo?
  8. I don't think anything from Outrider would be released, as there are no Demo tapes, and I don't think any of the Outrider tour was recorded
  9. Blue Skies Rob Halford or Bruce Dickinson?
  10. Stargazer. Clearly inspired by Kashmir, only I actually prefer it over Kashmir
  11. 1. Rocky 2. Pink Floyd - The Wall 3. Batman (1989) 4. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly 5. The Matrix
  12. Some were better than others, but overall they could have just done the bow solo, which leads perfectly into Achilles Last Stand.
  13. Some obscure band, Heard their lead guitarist is Jim Pae. Did a bunch of songs.
  14. Here's the lyrics I wrote for it: Verse 1: From the clouds came the rain The passage of time begins again Upon this uneven journey Verse 2: The sun of this world it shines Showing how the world declines As we drift away from the truth Chorus: The moon enlightens the path The evil one will show his wrath The world had peace, long ago Verse 3: The land we kept so pure Has caused the change to endure The suffering of the few Verse 4: Standing at the door of the globe Wishing the pain and misey would go My
  15. Thanks for the feedback. i didn't even have the rain song in mind when I wrote it. The tuning I used for the 6 string (DGDFCD) is similar to The Rain Song (DGCGCD), so I imagine that's why it sounds similar. I'm constantly trying to improve my songwriting skills.
  16. i bought it a while ago, and gave it another go. it's quite a good album, but Jimmy seems a bit restrained throughout. Alot of the guitar parts seemed very un page like. Coverdale Page seemed more like something that Page would have wrote and performed. Also, page should have produced it. It seemes a bit Murky in some places. Coverdale Page is much better, as is Outrider IMO. I'll always be a Page fan before a Zeppelin fan, and as a Artistic Statement for Page, Walking into Clarksdale seems very restrained.
  17. Hey All. This is a piece that worked on for College. At the moment, it has no vocals, even though I have lyrics written up for them. I wanted to have a piece that featured a strange tuning, with a droning open string playing throughout the piece. It features a strangely tuned 6 string Acoustic guitar, with a standard tuned 12 string Acoustic Guitar during the chorus. I'd like to hear everyone's opinion on it
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