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  1. I'm just looking forward to the Alternative 'Stairway to Heaven' Mix coming out on the remastered IV.
  2. My Mam walked into the Room while No Quarter tsrts was playing, and she said it had no tune and wasn't memorable.
  3. If you want Jimmy's sound, there are 3 guitars you can buy. First of all, there is the choice of his first major guitar, the Fender Telecaster. I would suggest a MIM telecaster, in case you're low on funds. You could also choose his most famous Guitar, a Les Paul. Choices of Les Paul, you could have a Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top Pro, or a Gibson Les Paul Standard or Gibson Les Paul Traditional. A 1959 Reissue would be awesome for more authenticity, but It can be a bit pricey. Or, if you want, an Epiphone G-1275, which is a twin necked Guitar like the One he used for Stairway to Heaven Live perf
  4. Welcome! What's your favorite Zeppelin Song/ Album?
  5. Is there another version of this video uploaded somewhere else? It's not working for me.
  6. That's quite ignorant. Let's see, I think Stairway to Heaven is their best song. I can name the songs from Coda, and Physical Graffiti is my favorite Led Zeppelin Album. Does that make me part Poser?
  7. Wait, what thread has gone? What was it about?
  8. Surprised to see 'Hats Off To (Roy) Harper' at the top spot. I quite like that Song. I can't make it past 30 seconds of 'Hot Dog', and that's saying alot if I can't get to at least a minute of a Led Zeppelin Song.
  9. It's an alright Album. To me, it lacks the kick that Regular Zeppelin Albums (IV, HOTH,PG etc.) have. 'For your life' is epic, though.
  10. I don't have a middle name I have Motivation problems I wear Glasses I'm good around dogs, and Dogs are good around me. Dogs for some reason always try to say hello to me. I hate Religion and don't care about Politics I don't like Modern music very much. 60s, 70s and 80s music for me! I have 4 email accounts I don't read Books at all
  11. They inspired me to pick up a Guitar and learn. My ultimate Goal in Learning Guitar is to play Stairway to Heaven all the way through.
  12. My favorite Vocalists are, in no particular order: Robert Plant. This is an obvious one, as we are on a Zeppelin forum. His voice can do many things at once, and he is the only one who can do Stairway to Heaven justice IMO. David Gilmour. His voice, along with his Guitaring, is so mesmorising and Special that you really listen to what he sings. Roger Waters. His voice, although not the best singer ever, packs what many singers don't have, which is pure emotion. Listen to 'Don't leave me now' by Pink Floyd to understand what I mean. Jimi hendrix. His Guitaring is better, but he
  13. I'm really looking forward to this new mix of Stairway.
  14. Florida ...Been Dazed and Confused, for so long it's not true?
  15. This was one of the Best things I have ever read. My first Led Zeppelin song was 'Stairway to Heaven' and I just loved everything about it. It was brilliant at first, but at the 5:36 mark was when the song become something truly awesome. I love stories like this. One thing I love about listening to Led Zeppelin 1 was just how well remastered it sounds. Jimmy Page knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to producing. Again, Thanks for sharing.
  16. What songs are you going to be doing? I might one day form a Led Zeppelin Tribute Band.
  17. Chicken Noodle Soup Tacos or Fajitas?
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