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  1. The Lack of 'The Rover' on that list intrigues me. Gonna have to go with Either 'Heartbreaker', 'Whole Lotta Love' or 'The Ocean' There are just too many good riffs to choose from.
  2. it's cool, the gentle wind is blowing and the sun is just peaking through the clouds.
  3. 'Stairway to Heaven' 'In my Time of Dying' 'In the Light' 'Goodbye Cruel World' by Pink Floyd 'The Great Gig in the Sky' by Pink Floyd 'Two suns in the Sunset' by Pink Floyd
  4. Physical Graffiti. i like how some of the songs sound almost progressive rock like. it also has The Rover, Kashmir, Houses of the Holy and also Ten years gone on it.
  5. That sounded awesome. Things like that only really happen in movies, and not in real life.
  6. Welcome! So which album/song is your favorite?
  7. jimi Hendrix is a massive inspiration to me. He is my 3rd favorite Guitarist ever, after Jimmy Page and David Gilmour.
  8. Led Zeppelin by a long way. i find that some of the Who's songs date easily, and Zeppelin had a larger range of Musical Ability. I think I also read somewhere that compared to other bands of the time, Led Zeppelin had more creative control in their career. Not sure if That's true.
  9. They are alright. To me, they seem to be more like a band that relies more on their style rather than the quality of their songs.
  10. 1: Babe I'm gonna leave you/Dazed and Confused 2: HeartBreaker/What is and what should never be 3: Since I've been loving you/Friends 4: Stairway to Heaven/Rock and Roll Houses of the Holy: The Rain Song/No Quarter Physical Graffiti: The Rover/Ten Years Gone Presence: For Your Life/Achilles Last Stand In Through the Out Door: In The evening/All of my Love Coda: Wearing and Tearing/We're gonna Groove
  11. Maybe Ever woken up next to a pyramid of Pepsi Cans?
  12. I don't think Led Zeppelin stole the Stairway to Heaven riff from Spirit's Taurus.
  13. It's still a good album, but not as good as their other albums. 'All of my love' though, IMO is one of Led Zeppelin's best songs.
  14. I've heard a few of their songs, nothing much has impressed me. To me, the best 80s Rock band is probably Def Leppard.
  15. I think that if this was to happen, i think that 'Led Zeppelin IV' might be more likely, since it has Stairway to Heaven on it.
  16. The Rover. That is the only song Zeppelin never played in it's entirety in a concert, but should have done. It's without a doubt one of their best, in the top 5 at least IMO
  17. It doesn't matter to me. Plant's best vocal work IMO, is when he isn't screaming e.g. The Rain Song, No Quarter, Stairway to Heaven etc
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