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  1. 'Since I've been Loving you' from 'The Song Remains the Same'
  2. My whole family hates them. that and Pink Floyd. I like to think that they just haven't listened to enough of either.
  3. i think this would be interesting to see. Physical Graffiti is my favorite Zeppelin album, and I also bought it for a great deal of £4.12
  4. Without a doubt, it's the Rover. That Guitar just can't be beaten IMO
  5. There are two loves in my life. Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.
  6. Mostly Pink Floyd, a Bit of Def Leppard and also The Doors.
  7. One song I wanted them to play was 'The Rover', which is one of my all time favorite Led Zeppelin songs.
  8. I'm listening to the live Stairway to Heaven performance from 'The Song remains the Same'
  9. Hey how are you? I'm new here, and i thought i'd say Hi As you can tell from my Username, I still think that the riff from Stairway to heaven was not stolen from another song. I'm glad to be here.
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