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  1. The last concert I attended was the one I was performing at on Tuesday. it was a college gig, where 4 bands were playing all songs from the 1990s. The audience was just under 500 people (500 is the venue's maximum capacity).
  2. Me at my college's gig on Tuesday. We we're playing hits from the 1990s. Not my favorite Decade, but the show was amazing none the less.
  3. I think that's mainly down to people like Page, EVH, Blackmore, Hendrix and Clapton are very capable songwriters, and often put that in front of Flashy guitar playing.
  4. This is the version I have: And as a person who just got into Blues at the time, I loved this CD. I didn't realize that the original versions of these songs that Zeppelin covered were this good. Boogie Chillen is a brilliant, simple track with some great vocals, probably my favorite from the disk. I urge anyone to listen to it. Your love of Led Zeppelin will only increase with each track.
  5. 18. Soon to be 19. Discovered Zeppelin about 3 years ago.
  6. I would have personally added Saxon into the 80s list
  7. Tea For One How come twenty four hours, Baby sometimes seem to slip into days? Oh twenty-four hours, Baby sometimes seem to slip into days A minute seems like a lifetime, baby when I feel this way Sittin, lookin at the clock, time moves so slow I've been watchin for the hands to move Until I just can't look no more How come twenty four hours, Baby sometimes seems to slip into days? A minute seems like a lifetime, Baby when I feel this way. To sing a song for you, I recall you used to say "Oh baby this one's for we two", Which in the end is you anyway Ho
  8. I vote Pagey. Hendrix is a better player technically, but they are both musicians, and a musician is only as good as the material he writes. Page is a better Songwriter imo.
  9. Jimmy seemed a bit off during the first destroyer gig. However, he was on the top of his game at the second gig, which is possibly the best show of the entire tour
  10. I think it might be Pagey. This piano piece was later released officially on the 1999 Remaster of Death Wish II Soundtrack, as 'Alternative Jill's Theme'.
  11. Listen to this Classical guitar piece from the 17th Century. Listen to 0:32 into the video.
  12. Do you have any photos? There are some experts on here that might be able to tell you if the signature is properly authentic.
  13. I don't think the music suffered. they were still writing classic tunes on Presence onwards. The problem lay in the fact that the members themselves suffered at the hands of addiction and sorrow, which brought upon creative differences and absence for the most part. The problem wasn't that they were writing bad material, it's that each member wanted different things from the material. The material wasn't bad, it was the creative 'glue' just wasn't there.
  14. Also If we are talking about sueing for some notes, then they should sue Whitesnake, as the Immigrant song riff appears in Still of the night.
  15. I’ll let Led Zeppelin have the beginning of Taurus for their song without a lawsuit. - Randy California
  16. I don't mind White Summer. Quite a lot of the one's I have heard are very good.
  17. Side One 1.Achilles Last Stand 2.Candy Store Rock 3. Tea For One Side Two 1. In The Evening 2. Carouselambra 3. All My Love 4. Poor Tom 5. Wearing And Tearing
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