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  1. My only real problem with the 77 tour is the lack of Presence songs. They should have done a Tea for One medley with SIBLY, and maybe limit the Drum and guitar solo down and perform Royal Orleans with For Your life
  2. This changes what many people thought was an average night, into a brilliant night. Page is still playing well from LA. the only thing that lets the gig down is Plant's voice is a bit unstable.
  3. I have a vinyl Collection that I started on the 24th February. The collection now contains close to 40 vinyls, including 12'' and 7'' records
  4. Say what you will about this concert overall, this performance is definitely the highlight of the show. Page's solo is just so out there it's just really cool.
  5. "Def Leppard - The Overture" And with this message that I bring to you A beacon of light to see you through For the time is on our side And a holy man does say to me To always to be blind and never to see It's not the way he planned it, oh no The time has come to gather up your thoughts For you have said your piece The lords of light will change this land From famine into feast The buildings that once stood so tall Have crumbled to the ground The silver warriors who came in force Are nowhere to be found Time is the essence the priests do say
  6. I'll never understand why Jimmy left this off HTWWW. They should have edited Moby Dick down a few minutes and included it in the official release
  7. The funny thing about the music industry is that it's always changing. From the massive Beatlesmania, to the over saturation of Hair Metal in the late 80s, to the pop based popularity of today's radio, it will always change depending on how the general population's tastes change. Who knows, in the next 20 years or so people might go back to the Blues based Rock sound again. And bands that have a similar vibe to Led Zeppelin might pop up again. Who knows what might happen.
  8. Thanks so Much for this Thanks so much for this BlueCongo
  9. Had an impromptu Jam on Kashmir today in college. I started to play the riff to Kashmir, then my teacher comes in with the music department assistant (also a drummer). He then goes onto the kit and starts to play the drum part.
  10. My favorite post Zeppelin material from Jimmy is Death Wish II. I really like his experimental approach to the music, and also the more rock oriented tracks. it's refreshing to hear. I'll always have a soft spot for Outrider, so that's my 2nd favorite.
  11. Neither. I'm kinda a bit bored of both.
  12. Watch the version with Paul Rodgers from the MSG ARMS show. You see some brilliant clear shots of Page's hands during the first verse.
  13. Unfortunately, we won't get that, not without bringing in material from other concerts. Jonesy's Organ feed didn't record for 'SIBLY' and 'Thank You'.
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