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  1. Unfortunately, when it comes to Jimmy's material outside of Led Zeppelin, there is next to nothing tabbed out or video tutorials on the internet.
  2. Well that was horrible. Plant was miles off, although Grant was ok. The guy playing Pagey (Not speaking in the scene and only seen for a brief second on stage) Got the moves correct, at least.
  3. As today is the anniversary of the death of Bon Scott, I've been listening to alot of Bon Scott era AC/DC. My current favorite is this one:
  4. There will never be a proper Zeppelin reunion ever. Any possibility of a zeppelin reunion died on the 25th of September 1980
  5. Was it actually true that Plant suggested this for PG, and the rest of the band laughed at him?
  6. Not multi tracking any 77 gigs. I mean, what were they thinking? Zeppelin know they always did a great show in the LA Forum, so why not record their entire 6 shows there? Or at least one of them.
  7. And by the way, where did you buy the Danelectro? I've been looking for one for months.
  8. Knowing Page, and hearing what my ears pick up, I imagine it's probably a Guitar Overdub.
  9. My favorite is Twilight Princess, but I've played all the Zelda Games except Oracle of Ages, Four Swords/adventures, Hyrule Warriors and Triforce heroes.
  10. I think it was hated because simply how different it was compared to their other albums. I mean, lets take it track by Track - In The Evening starts the album off with a classic zeppelin rocker, with the guitar being the main focus. Then South bound Saurez is a bit different, but that always happens with Zeppelin albums, they like to do different styles. Then Fool in the rain is where this album takes a nose dive (Not in quality, but in familiarity). Hot dog is a bit better, but it's piano based, with a very weird Jimmy solo. After that, Carouselambra is mostly synth based (although one of Ze
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