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  1. And, we must not forget the films and jingles!
  2. I read that the microwave popcorn is not good for you. I will see if I can locate the article.
  3. Save up your change. I spent $10 on a mint condition Yardbird's 45 last week...
  4. Thank you all so much! What a site! My head is going to explode.......very kind of you.
  5. Wonderful interview! Bootlegs are annoying! It is not fair to the artists. Good research, Mr. Page! Cannot wait to purchase on vinyl....sounds beautiful. I am definitely a vinyl girl. What brand of turntable does Mr. Page use? I am looking for a new one.... Curious.......thank you.... (I use to listen to 45s and learn lyrics to sing the tunes out).....These interviews are a treat.
  6. Thank you! I will post at some time. I would have to look for some MP3s as I don't record myself playing often. Again, thank you for the warm welcome!
  7. Thank you. Oh, those are not my drums! Wish they were mine. I think they are another member of this forum's kit. I'm only working on a project on a drummer from the 60s/70s. Tons of work, ready to clear my plate! Thank you for the well wishes!
  8. Thanks for the info on Jimmy's sessions. After I typed the question, I thought that was rather silly considering I have been working on a session drummer's discography for years and we come up with new info daily! I appreciate the information -- just curious!
  9. Thank you Geekfreak.....I am up for a good chat at any time! Have a lovely day!
  10. Last September I found that a session bass player would be playing in Clarksdale at a charity event. Being that was only a couple of hours for me to drive, I placed my dogs in the car and set off. It was nice actually seeing cotton fields again as my parents grew up in the Mississippi Delta. Albert King use to work at the dealership where my grandfather took his car in Osceola, Arkansas. Interesting connections as my father grew up with the Cash family not far from Osceola. Picking cotton and singing together as kids. The gig was great as it was Joe Osborn and I was able to chat with
  11. Sad indeed. Thank you for the information. I've been busy for a couple of days (attended a drum clinic, etc.). With all the concerts I attended in the 70s, I missed LZ. I am going to have to call my brother and have a word with him. It is actually embarrassing. However, I listened to them on vinyl quite frequently.
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