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  1. I also wanted to mention that Iron Maiden - Powerslave cover might be my favorite album cover of all time, it has to be one of the greatest covers in vinyl history.
  2. Coda, hard to believe it was Hipgnosis that designed it given they are pretty much the kings of classic rock album art. Maybe they were instructed to keep it minimal given the circumstances. Too bad no one told Gino Vannelli to keep it to a minimum.
  3. Good post. Vai, Malmsteen and the whole Shrapnel Records speed guitarists have their place. Hendrix is #1 all time IMO, Page #2, completely different styles Yes there is a difference between JP sloppiness in early 1970s vs late 1970s, different causes, different results. Both good, frankly Jimmy Page tuned up is still better than most. That said, trying to compare Hendrix/Page/Santana/BB King/Zappa/Malmsteen/Clapton etc is futile. All good guitar players in their own ways/styles and all different levels of feeling and sloppiness. I personally think that sloppiness or urgency in the music is why we listen to Hendrix and Zeppelin now and our great-great-grandkids will too. Bonzo has something to do with it too me thinks....
  4. Same here in Canada waiting very impatiently for the pre-order pages to arrive on amazon.ca, we got the previous 6 pre-ordered on Amazon.ca at around $115-$120 CAD, doubt they'll be close to that now, with 139.99 and 159.99 on Amazon USA and the exchange rate at 1.24.....
  5. Forgot to mention what I am looking forward to most is a remaster of Presence and of course ITTOD which has always needed a better balance. Achilles last stand on these new vinyl should be something....
  6. Cannot wait, except STILL not available for pre-order on Amazon.ca yet! Every other time it has been the same day as USA pre-order.... Just for sake of gossip, has anyone noticed Jimmy has been hanging out with Van Morrison lately in London? Just sayin.... A man can dream: JP, VM, JPJ and Jason on Drums. I think I would buy that album...... Even if the album was called St. Kevin's Hammer I would buy it. On the reissues I cannot be happier, Presence is my favorite album and Jimmy dangles a Carrot I cannot wait! And Coda looks mind blowing!
  7. Updated list: I - 10471 II - 24880 III - 12213 IV - 07604 HOTH 28694 PG - 09483 # of dents: 1, I jammed my PG corner into the spine of HOTH putting it away today, sure are beautiful sets but man those outer boxes don't play well with each other.....
  8. My PG is 09483, I see Planetpage has 09490, pretty close! Bought from Amazon.ca
  9. Tea41 I am of the opinion that Mothership was too loud and brickwalled, of all the releases it is the biggest victim of the "loudness wars" as DRB70 said. The companies are catching on lately that many people do not believe that louder is better. I get that some people do like more "punch" but you can get the proper punch intended by JP and Co. by cranking the volume on your system if necessary (I personally find these new releases have plenty of punch, Moby Dick at loud volumes really sounds like Bonham is in the room with me and I feel the blowback from the bass drum) In my opinion the best is these new remasters. On CD the Barry Diament 1980s and the George Marino (produced by Jimmy Page) ones from the 1990s (crop circles and on all have the same remastering from 1990-1991 with varying degrees of loudness) depends on which album or which track. I prefer the BD Zep II the Marino II is just too muddy but I prefer the Marino PG to the Diament PG, I know JP has stated he "hates" the BD versions from the 1980s but I find some of the Marinos have their share of problems. Only this new wave has addressed almost all the problems from the other 2 campaigns, for instance many songs had the fade out cut off, BIGLU had the right/left channels "flipped" from the original vinyl, now the proper sides have been restored, etc etc. And the fact that many new remasters (Zep and others) are no longer brickwalled and the volume has been rolled back is restoring my faith in humanity. My personal preference is to not let equipment get in the way of the music, in other words I do not alter the EQ I let the artist and mastering dictate how it should sound. Some stereo equipment is harsh and bright (aka cold or sterile), some is round and warm and some is pretty neutral, I think my main system is neutral so I hear big differences between different artists and different mastering jobs. Everyone of course has their own opinion. To me Zep sounds best on vinyl, but these new HD tracks are a very close 2nd.
  10. My labels are all fine, all vinyl has been great, my only mild flaw is the vocals on In The Light distort for a spell near the end of the song when RP repeats Light, light, Light, In the Light and goes up high it distorts a bit, could be my TT but its pretty dialed in on everything else, could be the vinyl but the CD has no distortion during that stretch so not the mastering, otherwise the vinyl outshines the CDs on all accounts. Moby Dick at loud volumes on vinyl is mind blowing. There is debris on the vinyl out of the package but all new vinyl seems that way, really does need a good cleaning even before 1st playback which sounds counter-intuitive but there is always a little debris from the manufacturing process even if you see nothing with the naked eye should at least wipe it with a record brush if you cannot give it a proper wet cleaning, there is always a little crud in the grooves.
  11. Yeah only the companion had the lined white inner sleeve on mine too, I assume it was issued in 1975 this way and the lined white sleeves do not fit in perfectly into the paper graphic sleeves but it`ll do. I am completely blown away with this PG reissue, vinyl, CD and hi-def all sound so good, but Presence is my personal fave so cannot wait for the next one! I hope June at the latest, I want them all but I almost don`t want this to end having new Zeps every few months! And Rush reissues on 200g vinyl this year to boot. It`s aboot time, eh.
  12. I am worried we are all waiting and hoping for Coda to blow our minds with unreleased stuff, but would JP not put the original 8 songs on the 1st vinyl and assuming there is only 1 extra vinyl, Baby come on home, HHWCID, TRB and extended White Summer/Black Mountain Side would fill almost half of a companion disc. Is he also carrying over the Bonzo's Montreux/Moby Dick recut from the crop circles as well? Can he fit the original 8 and the "extended" songs from the black CD box version set onto disc 1 of vinyl (I just clocked it, the 12 songs on the Mini LP box set edition Coda are 54 minutes, that would be too much for a quality sound 33 rpm single disc). Take White Summer/Black Mountain off and it is 46 minutes that could fit onto a single disc. I hope Coda is either 11 songs on the main disc, slap WS/BMS on disc 2 and load another 38+ minutes of unreleased or even better make Coda disc 1 the original 8 songs, and have 2 companion discs including the 4 songs we already have, not sure I need the extended Moby/Bonzo again. Give us a solid 45 minute disc all new and FILL the 3rd disc with the 4 leftovers from Coda extended PLUS a few more "new tracks". Please do not waste space with a Darlene w/o vocal mix. Do not get me wrong, this is the biggest overload of "new" zeppelin stuff since Coda in 82 (I remember tripping out when the crop circle came out and we finally had TRB, HHWCID and WS/BMS and I remember even MuchMusic here in Canada was playing that awesome Travelling Riverside Blues video with the swamp intro all the time). We were in heaven. I am in heaven now, but I want more, more, more! Like all of you I want more new tracks and live tracks more-so than alt takes, especially the ones that are just alt sound mixes like rain song, too close to the original, give us acoustic demos even if they sound like chit. I just hope Coda is not a letdown. Zep II and III got me so amped up but no new tracks since.... Hell if he released an album of Bonzo just sound-checking his drums in the studio I would buy it.
  13. For Presence I could see the box being the color of "the object"....black. I cannot see the pink, the other 2 I think you are bang on, ITTOD I am sure you are correct, and Coda could be the color of the background or the text like both of the examples but better if its the text, the background color is pretty close to IV. Pink though would stand out too much with the earthy tones of the rest. Black or grey, if presence is grey then coda would likely be the text color green. IMO. So far very happy, the bonus tracks are just that to me a bonus, some are better than others. The cost of the SDBS to me is easily justified for the remastered vinyl (that equals most of the classic records issues so far), the Hi Def downloads and the books. Pure magic, if JP actually releases an album this year and tours my head will likely explode. On another note I pre-ordered PG today on amazon.ca and it says TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK as opposed to PRE-ORDER NOW which also has Pre-order guarantee lowest price, which all the others have had. I hope that still applies if the price lowers and I hope .ca will be getting a batch of these on release day, in other words I hope the product page changes to PRE-ORDER soon from TOOS.
  14. I do agree that the companions for these 2 are somewhat of a let down after the nuggets on the first 3, especially III. However the SDBS with the HD downloads, the books and the remastered vinyl are more than enough for the $120-ish price tags IMO (although a BD-A or DVD-A of the HD tracks instead of a download or in addition to a DL would have been spot on). Besides they look so amazing together on a shelf! I just wish JP would have been less concerned about not issuing stuff already out on bootlegs, there are some real gems that deserve an official release.... I fear PG will have 1 single companion disc of more instrumentals or alt mixes of the songs we already know. Not ungrateful I am blown away by the sound quality, look, smell and feel of these sets just sad for what could have been for the bonus stuff..... I also suspect in the future they will re-release it all in 5.1 or some type of physical HD release. I hope next up is new live stuff and a Blu ray remaster of "DVD" hopefully with new bonus stuff.... My only other letdown would be the "matte" finish to the LP jackets not as sharp looking as the originals.....
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