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  1. Good post. Vai, Malmsteen and the whole Shrapnel Records speed guitarists have their place. Hendrix is #1 all time IMO, Page #2, completely different styles Yes there is a difference between JP sloppiness in early 1970s vs late 1970s, different causes, different results. Both good, frankly Jimmy Page tuned up is still better than most. That said, trying to compare Hendrix/Page/Santana/BB King/Zappa/Malmsteen/Clapton etc is futile. All good guitar players in their own ways/styles and all different levels of feeling and sloppiness. I personally think that sloppiness or urgency in the music is why we listen to Hendrix and Zeppelin now and our great-great-grandkids will too. Bonzo has something to do with it too me thinks....
  2. Updated list: I - 10471 II - 24880 III - 12213 IV - 07604 HOTH 28694 PG - 09483 # of dents: 1, I jammed my PG corner into the spine of HOTH putting it away today, sure are beautiful sets but man those outer boxes don't play well with each other.....
  3. My PG is 09483, I see Planetpage has 09490, pretty close! Bought from Amazon.ca
  4. My labels are all fine, all vinyl has been great, my only mild flaw is the vocals on In The Light distort for a spell near the end of the song when RP repeats Light, light, Light, In the Light and goes up high it distorts a bit, could be my TT but its pretty dialed in on everything else, could be the vinyl but the CD has no distortion during that stretch so not the mastering, otherwise the vinyl outshines the CDs on all accounts. Moby Dick at loud volumes on vinyl is mind blowing. There is debris on the vinyl out of the package but all new vinyl seems that way, really does need a good cleaning even before 1st playback which sounds counter-intuitive but there is always a little debris from the manufacturing process even if you see nothing with the naked eye should at least wipe it with a record brush if you cannot give it a proper wet cleaning, there is always a little crud in the grooves.
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