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  1. I also have this very same version in my SuperDeluxe-boxset. It's EU-edition and I bought it on release. Can post a pic if anybody wants proof. I've bought also the 2 different individual-releases (normal and deluxe) but they don't have that "Wreck". So, it's nice little thing and sort of easter egg to have in the big boxset.
  2. I've bought the whole series of SupeDeluxe-boxsets (when these were released), all them were pristine in every possible way. Now I've noticed something. And to my surprise, even if I have been careful with handling them, it seems that the actual box of II has little damage to it. I think it's damaged, but the pic might actually overstate a bit..luckily it's the inner side of the box. I have enclosed 2 pics with the message here, IMG_1338a.jpg shows the boxset which is fine, but IMG_1337b.jpg shows when I open it revealing the damage. I've browsed the book, listened to the vinyl/cd and such, only kept these boxes on my shelf with the greatest care and now it's little damaged. Also, I have the first similar cased Metallica SuperDeluxe-boxsets (of their first 4 albums that has been released so far in the series) and I think some people had ever more wear on those even as brand-new. Anybody had similar things happen?
  3. I sincerely hope, that this extensive reissue campaign will lead to releasing any live-stuff (be it on cd/vinyl/downloads) that's in the vaults but somehow I might not yet hope too much. Of course, he most likely would have added to the album-reissues themselves those shows, but you never really know how much there is material that Jimmy owns anyways. And we really need more live-releases as there's so many tours and concerts that need to be released to the public in the best pristine quality. These are interesting and exciting times to live anyways.
  4. Seriously, I just cant wait to receive my Super Deluxe-sets and some more soon..
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