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  1. Regarding "Royal Orleans," — for what its worth — the recording info in the SDBS book says the clients name is John Bonham, in pencil, on the top of the track's entry. I'd say with near certainty it is Bonzo.
  2. Could you PM a transcript? wtf, I can't get them to honor this... I've been a Prime member for almost a decade and buy at least 5 times from amazon a month....
  3. Didn't have nearly the response. I got the issue transferred to another department. They're pretty hesitant to honor it now. and FYI, importcds.com now has the Coda SDBS at $108!
  4. How'd you go about doing that? I notified them of the lower price, is that all you need to do??
  5. People should relax with Amazon. Its going to go down. If it doesn't happen until the the day of, it'll still happen.
  6. This one, more than most of these reference mixes, sounded way different from the album version. a lot more drums and Bob's vocal is way up front. the mistakes also reveal this was probably an early early take. it was a thrilling listen.
  7. Hey chaps! don't know if you guys are using these, but its taken ages for hi-res versions of the alt artwork for the last three remasters. thought you guys might like them a bit early? http://imgur.com/TS9RzEy http://imgur.com/HxnXeCc http://imgur.com/DgpGpoC
  8. Y'all are NOT going to be happy with whats in Coda....
  9. any news on an incoming announcement? this sure would be a good week to do so for an early June release....
  10. deal. and i to one of yours if not, sir. I'll remember this.
  11. you're nuts if you think the band breaking up won't be apart of Coda or ITTOD. It happened, its part of the bands history. it'll be tastefully observed.
  12. except Page has done that with 1, 2, and 3. and those were all classic albums. these last three have significantly less popularity among the masses and he'd surely sell more selling them as the last collection of the group's last hurrah. besides, he can count me (and a few other folks here) as getting all three day 1 of their release. so make it happen, Jimmy!
  13. its funny you went out of your way to say a Tuesday in late June (in America)....its looking like during the summer new albums will start to come out Stateside on Fridays. So hopefully a Friday in June? haha
  14. i think if Jimmy waited to release the band's three least commercially successful albums until August, he'd be doing them a disservice. he needs to just get them out. I'm talking no later than June. Those albums will be a tough sell (not for me or probably any of us) and waiting too long after PG won't help sales at all. stuff like: an obelisk for Presence multiple covers and brown paper for ITTOD and unreleased songs for Coda will help each album's plight, but please Jimmy...get these out sooner rather than later. Now excuse me while i turn up The Rover to 11.
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