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  1. And then the mystery deepens ... because they entered this "mysterious" MD in the cd? It 'a mix between the two shows? Or the "nice-old" Page, and a little tarnished by the years,.... has got a nice corner and found the tape on December 6? Of course, my, it's just a provocation ... ah ... ah ... ah ...! You should ask him directly, at this point - greetings to all -
  2. How is it that my comment was gone? mha! I try to resend it, .. I said this version it seems that the song MD has been performed that fateful October in Paris, at least ... not that it is a fake ... everything can be, but listening to a surface looks the same as the one published on CD - await answers - hello to everyone, and I hope that this time the message remains!
  3. .That of Milan, it was a really strange situation, due to the lack or total lack of musical culture from the organizers of the event. The mistake was to combine an event (Cantagiro) which consisted of the display of three-minute pop songs of singers, suitable for housewives, .. ah .. ah .. ah ... - for charity, all due respect to those songs, but it's a bit like mixing a concert with types such as George Strait and immediately after the Cannibal Corpse - there to do the best laughs! In addition, the term "political-cultural" in Italy was very delicate, with very politicized youth movements which claimed that their music and the world in the way it was for totally free - the music was their right, regardless of how much we is behind a rock concert while entertaining - to which all ended up down the drain, leaving thus followed in Italy away from the circuits of international rock, with some exceptions, such as EL & P. or the Genesis - I forgot, also we give best wishes to his nephew, who made the short video, and to whom it is dedicated, I hope he likes it!! two articles: When Milan drew tears from Led Zeppelin Robert Plant, voice of the group disbanded in '80 tonight on stage at the Mazda Palace in turn were seen guys who beat time with the tools of their idols was the' beginning of a turbulent season where the music coincided with the protest http://archiviostorico.corriere.it/2003/luglio/11/Quando_Milano_fece_piangere_Led_co_7_030711042.shtml WHEN 'ITALY WAS NOT IN THE TOUR http://ricerca.repubblica.it/repubblica/archivio/repubblica/1993/07/11/quando-italia-non-era-nei-tour.html
  4. It 'absolutely true ... unfortunately, so to speak, the fun always have the propensity to "magnify" any act of their heroes, or at least those who have participated in these concerts will certainly have a memory dictated by the juvenile period, so .. everything looks great - personally, although not involved in these concerts, but listening to the various bands around even on youtube, I have to note that not all spent a good time, even for the known events of dependence page - i have to tell the truth are concerts, ugly, both in the lineup, but more importantly, because it lacks the essential element is the desire to have fun on stage -
  5. Hi, I'm a new member ... I greet you all - I was born in 1957 and I'm writing from Italy;-) So the career led him followed almost from the beginning - Mr. Aspensoud preceded me by a few seconds, I wanted to I post my half disappointment in finding, since when it was announced on iTunes, miserable cuts to the tracks Moby Dick and HMMT , ... why? I wonder why, they did what? Yet the audio quality is uniform, can not find excuses .... did not fit in the cd? They could enter a part of the live in the first and then the remainder in the second cd!! At this point I'm keeping the bootleg that feels even better .... ah .. ah ... ah!! But in case the vinyl version 2 tracks are integers? Hello and good fun with LEDs - I apologize if the translation, perhaps, is not perfect -
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