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  1. I know people love to compare.......but I'd like to know how you compare?.......how fast they play, how crisp? how original their bass lines are?.......how heavy thier sound is? it's beyond me I mean the title of the thread should be "your 3 favorite bassists"..... I wouldn't put JPJ on my list because his talents go far beyond bass playing anyway My 3 fave are Eric Avery (Janes Addiction.....for those of you unfamiliar need only to listen to Mountain song, Three Days and Ted Just admit it to get the idea), Flea (his talents are unfortunatley muted by his band these days), and Les Claypool (uniquely talented and bizarre).....3 bassists that actually make their mark quite definitively on their respective band's music
  2. c'mon this Chinese Democracy thing is a bit like Big foot and the lochness monster now isn't it?......
  3. anyone remember what guitars Jimmy was playing during these live shows for the Firm?? I remember vaguely the shows I saw......and I'm pretty sure he went away from the Les Pauls during the Firm Days........ for some reason I thought I remember Fender Telecasters?
  4. loved em..... the riffs and the lyrics! Kurt was my inspiration for picking up a guitar because he showed me that cool guitar playing could be pretty simple.......but to this day, I still suck at it
  5. funny, some of my faves show up on quite a few "leat fave " lists My faves Plant, Perry Farrell, Layne Staley (RIP), Kurt cobain (RIP), Stevie Nicks, Bono, Liam Gallgher, Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Maynard JK, Trent Rezner, don't really have least faves.........with the exception of the vocalists listed as my faves, VOX are the last thing I notice in music pretty much
  6. thanks, it 's a pretty cool cover........, then again I don't consider them "sucksmack" I've always been a fan of theirs,
  7. thanks. so I must have it reversed, I guess I saw them in MSG for the first tour...i think I had equally bad seats for both shows
  8. ahh the Firm, takes me back to high school........like a lot of folks here i was Jimmy Page obsessed back then after missing out on Zeppelin. Maybe I was 15 or 16 at the time, I saw them, I believe, on both tours. I was at the Nassau Coliseum gig too.......I think that was the debut album tour......and then whatever year it was at MSG on the Mean Business tour, I think....those shows were like religious experiences for me.........to me it was as close to a Zepepelin show as I would ever see........so I treated as as such. Those were the types of shows i sort of had to pinch myself at to make sure I was really there. Screamed myself hoarse during the "Bow" sequences. I think I had a boot of the msg show too, which was ok for a hand held recorder deal that someone in my HS did. Jimmy was pretty messed up at those shows if I remember doe anyone remember if they toured Mean business, I know I saw them twice but could have been the same tour
  9. c'mon now don't be a Zeppelin snob, there are other bands then and now that can play a little
  10. I've recently heard snippets of Godsmack covering Godd Times Bad Times....sounded pretty cool
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