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  1. thank you..i think it's fairly obvious.... but of course there was a rivalry amongst fans back in the day..only natural, KISS was a party rock band, Zeppelin obviously a serious rock band. Why are Zeppelin fans on this site soooo sensitive about everything from Ted Nugent to KISS........jeez
  2. that's the way he always tries to sell it, but the cynic in me says it's the ego I was just reading another article on this subject (Robert and Allison carrying on) different than the one posted here........where Allison actually seemed to go out of her way to suggest that working with Plant in the future wouldn't neccesarily close the doors on her past and her own collaborations prior to this one with Robert..........funny that Robert had no such quotes
  3. well you have your own opinion and I have mine..... I've been hearing the same shiite form Robert since 1985. I remember the Live Aid interview then, classic Robert emphasising, "well i have my own career now" or something like that.....and I also Remember Jimmy rolling his eyes at that comment. don't get me wrong, I respect Robert's talents and all that he's been able to accomplish since Zeppelin....but in my view he's always been a bit egotistical about it all baased on all I've read and heard over the years. To me.... he doesn't neccessarily like it that the legend of Zeppelin looms larger than his own. But hey, maybe that makes him who he is and why he's had so much success again, this is only my opinion
  4. Plant always goes out of his way to reinforce the notion that he doesn't need Led Zeppelin and never has......it pisses me off
  5. ahh U2....love em....my first concert ever in 84 and they've been one of my top 3 list since (U2, Zeppelin and Janes addiction....odd combo huh). I'm sure what they come out with will be interesting. I for one loved Pop and thought it was underrated, I also loved The Unforgettable fire too, but that might be for sentimental reasons. been listening to the Joshua Tree a bit lately too....or what would equate to what was side 2 of the Joshua tree at least.....the non singles on that album are better than the hits....Zooropa was about the only one I wasn't crazy about releasing the early stuff is great news too
  6. as much as i love AIC, and fully realize that Jerry Cantrell was truly , for the most part, the creative force behind the band, they really should not tour or produce new music as "Alice" without Layne..........one of the most uniique haunting vocalists ever who helped truly create the "AIC" sound............just get a new name....although i suspect that's a business decision but,, I'd be down to hear whatever they put out, regardless
  7. I know people love to compare.......but I'd like to know how you compare?.......how fast they play, how crisp? how original their bass lines are?.......how heavy thier sound is? it's beyond me I mean the title of the thread should be "your 3 favorite bassists"..... I wouldn't put JPJ on my list because his talents go far beyond bass playing anyway My 3 fave are Eric Avery (Janes Addiction.....for those of you unfamiliar need only to listen to Mountain song, Three Days and Ted Just admit it to get the idea), Flea (his talents are unfortunatley muted by his band these days), and Les Claypool (uniquely talented and bizarre).....3 bassists that actually make their mark quite definitively on their respective band's music
  8. u sure about that The Pens get waaay more calls than the Caps ever did, not too mention they're a much better team than the Caps......if your a Flyer fan i'm sure you saw that penalty called on Hatcher against Malkin? i mean you gotta give credit to the Pens for seemingly always cashing in on any opportunities.....but that was a good example they get every questionable call in their favor
  9. The only reason the flyers ousted the Habs was becasue goaltending failed the Canadiens..you can't have poor goaltending and expect to advance in the playoffs, simple as that. My Rangers lost to a better team, but did have some shall we say unfortunate calls go against them......but they did have plenty of power play chances of thier own which they didn't cash in on. The Flyers have been playing tough hockey but unless Fleury has a meltdown similar to Price, the Pens will dispatch them. That and the NHL's clear Crosby favortism will be too tough for Philly to overcome
  10. c'mon this Chinese Democracy thing is a bit like Big foot and the lochness monster now isn't it?......
  11. biggest problem with Jane's was, as soon as they hit their "prime" they were done. I think that's why there are still many fans like me out there who just caught them in 90-91, were blown away completelty, only to hear shortly thereafter they were breaking up?........... it's like the George Costanza leave the room on a high note.......with the audience begging for more........showmanship.....although I know the band didn't plan it that way..........drugs & egos recently saw an interview with Perkins where he said he wished they had a manger back then that just would have told them to take a year or 2 off instead of breaking up
  12. as a Ranger fan, I'm watching the games in the East anxoiusly tonite. Awaiting the matchup for round 2. I'm not all that impressed with either Washington or Philly, that series has been pretty sloppy. Boston and Montreal both look good to me and I know The Penguins are tough.........round 2 will be a big step forward for this organization..."The Greedy Rangers" as they've been called in this thread rarely taste success..and haven't advanced past round 2 since 97.......... they're finally doing things right with a good coach and patient development of some of their young players who all played big roles in the round 1 win versus the Devils..........hopefully the ride will continue
  13. yes, this is news I've been waiting to hear for quite some time now..........17 years to be exact. Much like the Zeppelin deal, I fear nothing will come of it that i can personally witness.......but the fact the 4 of them are going to be playing some tunes together...........and that the box set is supposedly still inn the works for fall of 2008 are encouraging to me. Janes was the only band that surpassed my Zeppelin obsession........., the original release (XXX, Janes addiction, whatever you want to call it), Nothing's shocking and Ritual are 3 superb pieces of musical art.......their subsequent reunions did do some damage to their legacy (particularly 2003)....but that being said, now that Eric is in the fold..well again, I refuse to get my hopes up (and Rockaction....dude, I'm surprised at you.............you usually have real good taste in music as far as I see........giving a zzzzzzz to Janes'?? .......give any of the above listed a listen)............but i will say, Janes', like any good music, is not for everyone
  14. boycott them all!!!! damn you Robert!! relax ....i'm just kidding
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