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  1. I have it and the original Wild Side condor release from ~ 1992, and would rate it is as better than the condor release. The surface vinyl noise is most apparent during the second half of That's the Way, but otherwise it is not bad and IMO more than made up for by otherwise good sound.
  2. Thanks for the detail and I have no doubt you are correct . . . but I will try to ignore your comment when I listen to it because I would fixate on trying to pinpoint the change and probably ruin my enjoyment of my favorite version of GTC. At least now I know that it is safe for me to buy the Wendy version and not wait for a later release of this upgrade with a complete version of GTC. It would be a long wait.
  3. ? - I just listened to GTC on the "A Cellarful of Noise" CD on the Noise Generator label and to my ears it sounds completely uncut, and it has the noted excellent separation between the guitar and mandolin throughout. For reference, I listened to GTC on the audience source (there may be multiple audience tapes) from the "929" 3 CD set released in ~ 2000 and that tape was different than the sound throughout "A Cellarful of Noise". Also, I believe that the original CD release of this I ~ 1992 "Wild Side" also had GTC with consistent sound throughout, but I do not have it at my fingertips. M
  4. I wonder why Wendy used the audience tape for the splice in Going to California? The pre-existing "SB" sources had GTC uncut. Too bad as that is my favorite song from this show.
  5. "IMHO the Japan ZEP multi's however lack Percy's vocals in all but the more silent sections. So that is quite an obstacle not easily cured with whatever technology (with the unlikely exception of course of Robert performing some post factum studio overdubs" How can the vocal balance be off on a multi-track? Isn't the vocal a stand-alone track?
  6. Even though I can put up with a "sloppy" performance if they were enthusiastic and aggressive, the first show is so sloppy that it borders on sounding like a mess. The second show suffers a bit from Robert sounding a bit off and Kashmir sounding awful due to the sound system, but Page was on good form for most of the show, including No Quarter and Achilles Last Stand and I rank it is a far better show than the previous day. The second show is also the only one I have heard where both Page and Jones play mandolins during Going to California; a bit odd that their last performance of it fe
  7. I prefer the second leg of the tour, especially for Page's playing, so I will confine my comments to that. I couldn't agree more with the comment above on Providence; too bad the tape has some large cuts. Pittsburgh is right up there as well and you can construct a complete show from different sources. Milwaukee has a distorted recording with Plant's voice sounding awful, but Page is on fine form and NQ and Dazed are both awesome although HB and WLL are missing. St. Paul has a distant recording, but they deliver a highly improvised show with some spontaneous jams during during Dazed and
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