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  1. Sad that Ellen's show was mostly focused on One Direction. Anyway, glad to hear that Jimmy is committed to hitting the road in '15. Can't wait.
  2. Looks like Jimmy will be on Ellen's show 11/21...not 11/11.
  3. It's strange. Jimmy is listed as the guest on some sites, but on the official Ellen site, it shows Bill Clinton and Pitbull as the guests that day. Guess I'll just DVR it and hope for the best.
  4. Just a heads up. Jimmy will be appearing on Letterman next Thursday (11/6).
  5. Got mine today. Now, just waiting for my favorite: Physical Graffiti. Probably early 2015.
  6. Thanks for the info. '77 has a special place in my heart.
  7. My extremely unofficial top 10: 10. The Rain Song 9. Misty Mountain Hop 8. Going to California 7. Ramble On 6. That's the Way 5. Trampled Underfoot 4. Thank You 3. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 2. Since I've Been Loving You 1. Kashmir
  8. It's a shame Robert is bypassing the Bay Area. Surprised by this. Hope he adds a date here...perhaps at the Greek in Berkeley.
  9. That's cool. Some people will dig his new album...others won't. But what I admire is Robert's dedication to creating new music. Not many artists his age are doing that. Robert, Paul McCartney, and who else? I'm sure I'm forgetting a few, but it's a pretty short list.
  10. Really dig the first song...Rainbow. Unfortunately, I'll never get to see LZ live, but I've made my peace with that. Robert has moved on and continues to produce solid, fresh tunes. Unlike some bands (cough...Rolling Stones...cough) that chase mega paydays and play the same tired warhorses. Anyway, nice to hear that Robert will be taking it on the road in the fall. Got to see him in Berkeley, CA last year. Great show. Hope he comes this way again.
  11. I get the feeling Plant's attitude at the O2 show was...."Okay, I did your Zeppelin concert. We absolutely nailed it. Now enjoy the feeling, because I'm done with it. You got what you wanted, now I'm moving on—starting immediately." Clearly, Plant was in no mood to bask in the glory of an amazing performance—and he still isn't.
  12. Hear a signicant difference. Big upgrade. Now notice small details I never heard before.
  13. Yup, Plant's comment about not doing anything in 2014 is what fueled the speculation. If he truly has no intention of ever touring with LZ, just end this nonsense. "Guys, let it go. There will never be a Zeppelin tour. Period. End of discussion. Move on" As long as Plant plays it coy or allows wiggle room, fans and media will keep the fire burning. Makes me wonder if some part of him actually enjoys playing this game.
  14. Yeah...their blind, unwavering defense of Richards is pretty amusing. He truly can do no wrong. Jagger on the other hand, is consistently ripped over there.
  15. Showed up at my local record store (yes, a few still exist) shortly after the doors opened and people were already in line with Vinyl and Deluxe CD versions. The guy ahead of me in the checkout line was looking for a Super Deluxe Box Set, but apparently there weren't any in the initial shipment. Nice to see LZ can still move the merchandise in 2014.
  16. I love Robert, but he appears to want it both ways. Says he wants to close the book on Zeppelin...yet he performs plenty of Zeppelin hits on his solo tours. I caught him at the Greek in Berkeley last year and his setlist was about 60% Zeppelin classics. Yes they were somewhat "reimagined"...but also very recognizable.
  17. Can't disagree with you. Go down the line, and I believe LZ is clearly more talented. Plant > Jagger Page > Richards Jones > Wyman Bonham > Watts
  18. I'm sad they didn't film more of their concerts. Have heard some amazing audio boots. Would love to enjoy these performances on my flat screen in glorious color. Have heard the rumors that Pontiac was filmed, but that's about it. Too bad.
  19. Are you suggesting Zeppelin fans have the same level of hatred for the Stones? If so, I certainly haven't seen it. Seems pretty one sided to me. Again, I'd like to know why.
  20. It's strange. When visiting a few Rolling Stones fan sites (particularly IORR), I continually encounter constant cheap shots at Led Zeppelin. Zeppelin never wrote their own songs...Page is a hack...Plant is a pussy in a flowered shirt...Bonham is overrated. Very odd. Is it simple jealousy? Insecurity? I guess I didn't realize it was impossible to like both groups. Any theories?
  21. I thought I read that we have to wait til 2015 for the rest. Hope I'm wrong about that.
  22. I think that's what puts Millard at the top. Not just the superb quality of his recordings...but his legendary backstory. Sitting in a wheelchair with a tape recorder hidden underneath. Crazy to think that he pulled it off with no one knowing. Good thing Peter Grant and his boys never found out. Millard would have needed that wheelchair for real.
  23. Best taper is clearly Mike the Mike. The undisputed champion.
  24. People need to move on. A tour simply isn't going to happen. And you know what? I'm okay with that. Far too many bands that are well past their prime are still on the road playing—and replaying—their classic hits. Would hate to ever see the mighty Zeppelin embarrass themselves on stage. Gotta respect a band that has repeatedly turned down mountains of cash and understands the glorious past can never be duplicated.
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