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  1. All from Amazon UK (although two were French?): I 5704 II 4608 III 5114 IV 4400 HOTH 19762 PG - 18411
  2. Just checking in after receiving my super deluxe of physical graffiti (just as I get up to date the next batch is due - gonna be bankrupt soon!) and wondered if anyone else's vinyl has a 'wrinkly' label? It's just side one of disk one. In two minds whether to order another. I must say the quality control hasn't been what it could have as I had to return one previously as the vinyl was unplayable! Still, loving the releases and looking forward to owning a full set of super deluxe... Rock on!!!
  3. Replacement iii arrived, and I got a number in the 4000s as a replacement for my 28k one. Result
  4. Can you recommend software to do this or can u do this with the stock windows player ?
  5. Sorry to hear that. I need to check my live zep 1 disks next. Amazon have been quick though as my replacement iii has already been delivered!
  6. It's more of a gash than a scratch in afraid. There's no sorting this. I wonder how it happened? As earlier suggested I will try to wait for the replacement before I send back to get the best number :-) Please check your vinyls first folks.
  7. Long time lurker first time post. Well I have all three super deluxe, II was from a local record store and is fine. I and III from Amazon (super saver delivery UK) anyway, i'm gutted as the b side of my companion disk to three is scratched! Gallows pole clicks really bad and need to send it back. So annoyed after this big wait! Just a word of caution to check the vinyls before using the download or autorip as you may have trouble refunding! Out of interest I got in the 4000's for I and II but 28000 for III. I best get a numbered one as a replacement from Amazon otherwise there will be trouble!
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