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  1. As far as Ann Wilson being able to do it: Heart doing "Going to California" this year - This video is hard evidence that she can still sing like no other woman in rock and does an exceptional job singing Plant. As far as it actually happening: No. Heart's managment has put this rumor to rest. She would be my ideal choice though.
  2. I wouldn't mind Steven Tyler. I like his voice and work with Aerosmith. I don't think it will be him though. I'm a subscriber to the official Aerosmith newsletter from their website. It says they're currently making a new album and will hit the road sometime in April. I don't think Jimmy, JPJ, and Jason want to wait that long.
  3. I can just see Steven Tyler swinging around the mic stand and dancing around like he did at the RRHOF. It wont be him though. Aerosmith is working on a new album and will be touring the states around April. So I've heard.
  4. My computer's been very slow of late so checking through 36 pages would've taken quite some time. I saw her name mentioned on Heart's official message board so I got a little excited. Sorry. Jeez.....
  5. How about Ann Wilson from Heart? I've seen them do many Zep covers live and she's the closest thing to Robert that I've ever heard. John Paul worked with Heart on their "The Road Home" cd/video. Here's two videos of Heart covering Zep. One recent and one from back in the day. Going to California (recent): Rock and Roll (old): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeOHssaIJbM...feature=related
  6. Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti Heart - Desire Walks On Rush - Moving Pictures Pink Floyd - Dark Side Rush - Different Stages
  7. I'm hoping the passing of Rick Wright (RIP, my friend) will open up Robert's eyes. If he keeps waiting, he might not get the chance. If everything is truthfull, then I agree with the way John Paul, Jimmy, and Jason are handling it. This might be the final convincing push Robert needs to finally get over himself and take that mic like the God he is. If not, then I'd still be happy to see Jimmy, John Paul, and Jason with a new singer. I wasn't around in the 70's to see Zeppelin, so seeing three quarters of them is damn good enough for me. Arnel Pineda did an incredible job with Journey at the sh
  8. I went to Wikipedia again and the reference was from Kerrang. Judging from the quality of the Black Dog clip on BBC, I think it will be released. What's the point not to? Plus if they tour, they could sell it at the venues with the other merch.
  9. I typed in "Led Zeppelin" on Wikipedia and it said under the 2007 reunion section that the show is a future DVD release. The rumor continues to build into a reality. XP
  10. I'll take a crack at it. Rock and Roll Celebration Day No Quarter Black Dog (with Out on the Tiles intro) Babe, Im Gonna Leave You In The Light The Battle of Evermore Going to California Thank You Thats The Way Good Times, Bad Times The Song Remains The Same Trampled Underfoot Misty Mountain Hop What is and What Should Never Be Achilles Last Stand Encore 1: Stairway to Heaven Whole Lotta Love The Ocean (With Jason doing the "We've done four already...") Encore 2: Kashmir
  11. I would love it if they did In the Light. That is my favorite Zep song and being that they never played it live (well together at least) adds to it. The Rover would be great too along with all the classics. I think Rock and Roll is a very appropriate song to open up with.
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