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  1. Hey guys. I don't think I've been to a zeppelin board since 2006. I posted a lot back then.
  2. HI! how have you been? You met these peopel in person? That's cool. He all had some good times in the long long ago. lol
  3. Hey everyone. I don't think I've been on here for at least a year. I'm looking around and I don't even recognize anybody.
  4. Good to me -- Brendan Benson
  5. I just finnished this, and I have to say, it's now one of my new favorite pictures of mine. I did it on the computer, and with out a refrence picture or anything.
  6. It looks like it's face is carved out of stone
  7. Your good. Here's and angsty one of mine
  8. here are some more and this one's the wierdest, becouse the site I got it from didn't explain what it was. The site was just about some guy who whent scuba diving a lot and found a bunch of stuff under the sea, and then opened musem. And these were in the musem.
  9. Cuddle fish. Our most lovable mollusk I personally think giraffs are really strange looking. I mean, just look at them same with elephants hand-nose.
  10. "We all dream. But do we REALLY dream?. yes we do, but do we REALLy dream? yes. but do we really?" I had a dream last night that I was hit by a car and became a Genie and I whent to a hight school to investigate any suspitious activity, and I found a lot of trap doors filled with monye and the principal was trying to get me to leave and he was annoying me, so I shot him with a bow and arrow, and I became a hero to the kids there.
  11. South Bound Paciderm(sp?)-- Primus
  12. This one's a "Monk" fan vid I made put to Weird Al's song "Germs". So if you happen to be a Monk fan, you should definately watch this. This is my very first animation I've ever done, and I plan to do many more, I've always wanted to, I just didn't know how to until last weekend when I just got tired of waiting for someone to teach me, and tryed to figgure it out myself:
  13. Looky what I can do! This is my first ever vidio. (well, the first one I put any effert into,) It was a school project I did about Tim Burton last semester. My teacher thought I was an idiot (for no reason, might I add) but this sure showed him.
  14. Thant's really creepy....yet...at the same time, kind of cool. I don't think I suport it though. Usally when they do stuff like this, the animals develope health problems, and die at too young of an age.
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