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  1. Couldnt believe my Amazon preorder arrived today on this gorgeous Sunday!! Went with the boxset treatment on IV & deluxe cd for Houses. Unfortunately the HD download isn't available yet fyi
  2. Animal Magic - Peter Gabriel
  3. My next gig is Hot Tuna with Leon Russell next week
  4. Candy Apple Grey by Husker Du via vinyl, Record Store Day issue
  5. Wow, saw some really good low numbers, congrats to all!! For me, I only purchased Led Zeppelin II boxset and my number is ... #28,968
  6. greetings, you need to buy the boxsets of I,II & III , and it comes w a download code per album , hope that helps
  7. So these HD downloads are useless to me then, unless Warner Bros release the catalog on bluray audio > then we all can be in business enjoying hi-def zeppelin
  8. heres a link to that WD device mentioned above .......... http://www.amazon.com/Live-Hub-Media-Center-Model/dp/B004GK0GKO
  9. hello again discovered a couple things yesterday while i was figuring out this FLAC business and this is what happened FLAC can be played in Media Player Classic on the pc but you cant burn it to a DVD My friend has this device called Western Digital Live TV , connects HDMI to receiver etc. Anyhoo , i sent him a copy of LZII HD audio thru google drive, he downloaded the files and boom , in glorious 94khz/24bit !!! What i understand about this WD device, it has a massive hard drive. as for my issue, its pointless to listen on a computer when I want to hear this HD audio on my s
  10. thanks kindly for compliment. Your the first to get my Eddie avatar (people dont know shit about music on twitter) lol
  11. with the VLC player, will I be able to burn to DVD so I can get to listen to these files on my stereo?
  12. I downloaded the HD audio (LZII) and saw they are FLAC files!! Never seen or heard of this file extension & now i am stuck with , which i think killer audio , and cant play it. Any help, suggestions will be highly appreciative, thank you
  13. Hello to all With the new releases on the best band of all time(thank you) , felt inclined to join this community of loyal people from around the world and to share the passion of Led Zeppelin Chester
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