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  1. Blind Willie Johnson didn't write NBFBM. It's a traditional spiritual that pre-dates his recording.
  2. Jeffrey Rod's (whatever happened to him?) Rock My Plimsoul is pretty much B.B. King's Rock Me Baby. No word on who B.B. nicked it from. :-)
  3. Joan Baez didn't write BIGLY. Page heard it on an album of hers where she had credited it as Traditional. Page did his arrangement and likewise credited it as Traditional (arr. Page). So if anybody is responsible for the credit problem on BIGLY it is Baez. LZ simply used the only credit they knew for it on the debut which was Traditional. I don't know what else they could have done since Baez had not credited it properly in the first place. It's interesting how these things get so mixed up even for Zeppelin fans.
  4. According to the Brad Tolinski book Page used this guitar in the studio for Thank You, The Song Remains the Same and Stairway. The Beck HOF induction was it's first public outing though.
  5. So based on the excellent information above it looks like the U.S. total would be 132.8 million to date. This would take into account the more expensive doubles/triples and boxed sets by counting each unit. Which is how they are certified (e.g. PG = 8 million units / 16X Platinum). And that's all albums. I know singles count the same as an album in the sales totals but I think a 3 singles to 1 album is a much better comparison given the relative cost of each. The U.S. is 30% of the world market now (I'm sure it was more in the past but that's the data I have). So if you tripled that total for the rest of the world you get 400 million. All agree, Zeppelin was most popular in North America so let's account for that by doubling instead of tripling. That's 265 million. Throw in worldwide sales of singles and the DVDs and 280 - 300 million seems a pretty good ballpark. The U.S. and Japan account for almost 1/2 of all sales of recorded music. So if you're not big in one or the other or both it's difficult to see how you'd get too far up the worldwide rankings.
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