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  1. I couldn't agree more. Everyone will be there to see Zeppelin.
  2. I think it is quiet possible that they might have checked in from time to time...but I doubt they would be spending hours on end on the forum. There is no reason why they can't use a computer just because they're old! I'm sure I've seen old regulars at my local library using computers. It would be great if they were! I wouldn't rule it out. I have chatted with old rockers on Myspace...
  3. Jimmy Page in my opinion, is better! He is a lot more versatile, too. I like Ritchie Blackmore, don't get me wrong, but my vote goes for Mr Page! He's far more original.
  4. Hey there, I haven't got a ticket so I can't answer the first question. I do know however, that Jimmy has transposed and rearranged the songs because Robert Plant has trouble singing the high notes, his voice changed as he grew older. So it wouldn't be exactly like they sounded in the seventies but I'm sure they'll be awesome on the night! Just not exactly the same as we accustomed to hearing them. And Pagey's guitar playing was a bit rusty but I hope they'll manage to put on a great show on the night! About the tour, of what I know, it is more than likely there will be one. I know
  5. I will be wishing like hell I was there! I read something about a live webcast, so I'll be checking that on the day. Also I will go to Youtube after the gig and see if anyone has posted any concert footage. I think I might be watching some Zeppelin that day or listening to them. But I will be disappointed I couldn't fly half way around the world to be there on the 10th!
  6. Jimmy said they're doing a 2 hour set of classic Zeppelin songs but they couldn't do anymore because he doubted they had the energy to do more than 2 hours. When they were first approached they were asked to play for about 40 minutes only and they all agreed that would be too short. Everyone is going to the O2 Arena to see Zeppelin, even though there will be other great bands performing. They kind of rearranged their songs though because Robert Plant can't sing that high anymore. Maybe he should wear tighter pants! Haha...I'm sure it'll be awesome!
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