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  1. ^ Should get some relaxation for a bit. < Is still here, because she couldn't help herself.
  2. Single. Most every guy I knew was taken or a jerk in some way, and either way I wasn't interested in having a boyfriend for the longest time. Now there's this sweet, sweet guy...whom I'm not with, but am getting to know slowly. *wub*
  3. ^ Cool! < Really needs to go to sleep. Blaaah.
  4. I pick Led Zeppelin, because I enjoy them more and for a longer amount of time straight through. And they are two entirely different bands, so comparison is silly. The things they did have in common are what matter: Both were creative, regardless of any reasons behind it Both had brilliant musicians Both had amazing frontmen Both had numerous songs that are still loved, and rightly so So....Go Queen! Wooohoo.
  5. Well, it gives you an idea of who they were, seeing as how that specific cover was always a bit mysterious. "Oh my God, why are there naked children on that album cover???" It was very interesting Pagemeister, thanks for posting!
  6. ^ Shares similiar feelings with me. < Is still happy just cause there's a pretty Christmas tree right beside me.
  7. I was Heartbreaker 69 on the old boards and I hadn't been on there in ages. I missed this place! =( Me and one of my best friends. I'm on the left. Hello *waves*
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