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  1. My older brother was a zep fan. One day I rode in his truck up to our grandmothers house about 100 miles away. All the way up and back we listened to zep IV and nothing else. I was annoyed, but by the time we got back I was hooked.
  2. I had all of zep on vinyl back in the day. I bought the two boxed sets in the 90's but hated that the tracks were out of order. I went to great lengths to piece together the songs in their original running order and burned cd's to replicate that order. As the remasters come out I have been buying them on vinyl so I can recapture the original albums in order on an official release. For me the albums are best heard as whole pieces, so I like that the extra material does not interrupt the original flow. I say leave them separate! As far as content... I would like to see more live material included...
  3. Cinnawarrior I was totally blown away by the companion version of SIBLY, as well as GP... Well the whole companion disk to III. I didn't buy the dbl version of II and from the sound of it I'm not missing much. The companions for IV and HotH I think are more in line with what I'm hearing about II but I was so impressed with the packaging of the dbl vinyl of 3 and the triple vinyl of 1 that I decided the small increase in price was worth it just for the packaging. Bot IV and HotH are very cool packages...
  4. Since pg was a combination of new material and leftovers combined to make a double album, I doubt there is any leftover material to include. I think live material for the companion disk(s) would be amazing!
  5. I've always liked HOTH, but it wasn't a favorite album from the band. But the remaster has given me a whole new perspective on it! Never really liked the rain song much, but now I'm loving it. The vinyl seems to have more noise than the other vinyl reissues, but the digital copy is amazing! I'm by no means a completist. Used to have all the old vinyl. Have the boxed sets from the 90's. But never really liked that the albums were not in order. So well worth it to buy them again on vinyl just to have them in the proper sequence, but I'm am blown away by the improved quality of sound. Most remasters I have heard I have not been able to hear much, if any difference. Not with these... There is so much more going on that I was never aware of before. So cool!
  6. Got the auto rip from amazon the day of release. Even with crappy mp3 I could hear things I'd never heard before (I know off topic, but this was especially true of HOTH). Got my deluxe vinyl Friday. Just found time to listen today (Sunday). Was really bummed to find a flaw that kicks in on Going to California ruining the song as well as When the levee breaks. New copy on the way, but what a drag. The vinyl versions are not as stellar as 1, 2 and 3. More surface noise (aside from the flaw). But the digital versions sound fantastic. Love the packaging of the deluxe vinyl for all of the remasters so far. I like how the credits for iv were on a separate card stock from the inner sleeve. Very nice touch. The companion disks are not a lot different from the original lps, but they are very listenable... Not just listen once and shelve (nothing like the amazing companion disks to 1 and 3, but worthwhile nevertheless).
  7. The deluxe version is triple gatefold, but is a little tough to manage. Like some 3 cd releases with the 2nd disk in the middle page, the 2nd vinyl album is in the middle and hard to get in/out. I think individual sleeves might have been better. Hmmm... I just pulled my vinyl copy of Yessongs and it has the same style gatefold... Though easier to get the albums in and out.
  8. I finally received my deluxe Zep I today! Have already listened to the studio album and am listening to side 2, disk 1 of the Olympia concert. Of course I have been listening the the auto rip versions while waiting for the vinyl to arrive and was excited to see how it would compare. I don't have a great system, but am enjoying this immensely. I had never heard the Olympia show before and understand what Page had to work with, so I'm not critical of this edit at all (never heard the boot so as far as I know I'm not missing anything). I'm excited to have it on vinyl. Someone mentioned getting a damaged box in the mail with damaged goods inside. I can relate to the story. I received Zep II with a big hole in the box and a damaged album cover (vinyl was fine). I complained to Amazon, and in spite of a couple of hassles along the way (asking for a return of the original, damaged album, threatening to charge me for the auto rip that came with the purchase) amazon did me right. They rushed me a replacement (which arrived on Sunday, Fathers' Day!) at no charge. I get to keep the first copy (my son snagged the new, unopened copy with the intent of keeping it in pristine condition: who can say no to your kid as they discover the joy of Zep and vinyl?) which, although the cover is damaged plays great (and has the more impressive remastered sound than Zep I, but hey, no complaints at all! I had been wanting to have all zep on vinyl, but the copies I have are not in the best shape, so was excited to be able to buy new vinyl copies). Ok I tried really hard to stay on topic with fair success...
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