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  1. so who was doing the vocals during the jams ?
  2. yes ... great reply ,finally someone who is in touch with real life ... Robert has already done the greatest hits tour with Jimmy in the 90's , now he wants to move on to new material (whoever it is with) let the guy express his art ..... .
  3. sounds better than Krause ...... maybe Robert might drop in for a duet.
  4. he was told tp put the sword back in the stone ......... by Robert or Jimmy ?.
  5. still be heard and held in awe by most modern drummers . i wish i had seen Bonzo , Hendrix ,Ronny Wood and Nicky Hopkins jam at the Marquee club in 69!
  6. those o2 dvd's 'London' and the other who have they been done by and what is your opinion of them,sound quality etc.
  7. not necessary at all ,i thought the clip of your playing was great but didnt relate to this particular thread,its a different genre, i like Evsters last post on this ,to the point and in the groove.
  8. they have to wait untill coverdale finishes his current tour (hic)
  9. yeah i want to hear a tom hit with a stick sound like a 26" bass drum hit with a felt beater , but i do understand what your trying to say, your brave challenging the gods on this one.
  10. this style of playing using double bass drums has nothing to do with L Z or Jason !!!!.
  11. well said, and i still think that Coverdale will be onstage with Jimmy before Plant.
  12. according to J P Jones he instructed the roadies to hide the second bass drum after the third concert with it,he said it just made the timing impossible.
  13. www.hauraki.co.nz the web site of radio hauraki who recorded the show,they might be able to give better details of recording.
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