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  1. not necessary at all ,i thought the clip of your playing was great but didnt relate to this particular thread,its a different genre, i like Evsters last post on this ,to the point and in the groove.
  2. yeah i want to hear a tom hit with a stick sound like a 26" bass drum hit with a felt beater , but i do understand what your trying to say, your brave challenging the gods on this one.
  3. this style of playing using double bass drums has nothing to do with L Z or Jason !!!!.
  4. well said, and i still think that Coverdale will be onstage with Jimmy before Plant.
  5. yay hey well said ,how good is jason now, just looking at some foreigner pics miss h put up from 78 the drummer had ' THREE bass drums ' hell jason can do all that with one .......
  6. hey if you want a blast go to the "photos" section on the intro page,and look at the 'beat club' 3/69 shots Bonzo playing his Gretsch kit LIVE !!!!!.
  7. too true , who cares how many pedals and devices anybody uses , its how it sounds that counts ,i will bet that if bonzo was still playing today he would use it.
  8. modern drummer magazine feb 2008 has a feature on jasons drums he used at o2 reunion ...... just for those who need pictures !!!. oohh a double pedal was used ..
  9. bonzo didnt use a double pedal because they were not invented back then ,he did have two bass drums for two gigs,then john paul jones hid one of them because he said it made bonzos playing unconprehensible !! as only jpj could say.
  10. at the end of the previous song jason did a short quick triplet roll with the bass drum, something bonzo was famous for using only a single pedal , jason uses a double pedal which enables him to strike the bass drum with both feet , of course robert herd the triplet and was commenting on him doing it with a double pedal versus bonzo able to do it with a single pedal.
  11. now thats the most intelligent statement i have read on this forum. (aint no levy in Van land)
  12. who was the effemenite in between peter grant and the madison garden manager when peter was balling the manager out over pirates selling t shirts & posters in the film TSRTS ??
  13. mr.jones what can you tell us about studio outtakes that are mysteriously there but cant be heard?
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