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  1. Looking a bit Charles Nelson Reilly with those shades these days. However, that is a much better than morphing into Charles Shaar Murray...(I thank yew).
  2. "I met Andy Warhol at a really chic party..." (I need one of you cheeky buggers to finish the lyrics and, ironically, Jimmy could actual utter this phrase and be making a factual statement )
  3. "I met Andy Warhol at a really chic party..." (I need one of you cheeky buggers to finish the lyrics and, ironically, Jimmy could actual utter this phrase and be making a factual statement )
  4. Fantastic post - thanks! I would just add that this specific question has been a corollary to the question of whether Mr. Page suffers from some type nerve/tendon damage to his hands - all speculative mind you, I can't buy into one of the prevailing theories that it was just a case of him being junked out of his mind from 1975-1984(ish). There are loads of great guitar players who found comfort from the white nurse that remained or post recovery regained their playing chops. Perhaps in his case it was a cumulative effect of not being a particularly disciplined player (not a bad thing IMO), the drugs/drink and some sort of physical injury - a bit like having a guy who rarely runs, has a bad knee and is a chain smoker is then asked why he can't a run a mile in less than 7 minutes
  5. Agreed - 'Jugula' has some genuinely fine moments featuring Mr. Page. His solo in 'Advertisement' is my favorite from his output in the 1980's.
  6. 'Found' a very interesting Roy Harper video on YouTube. Appears to be archival footage from the Cambridge Folk Festival in '84. I've never seen this footage so was nice visual 'bridge' between the ARMS tour and The Firm. http://youtu.be/CYMQl78Wtx4
  7. Well, in my self-defense, I did mention dipping into a hypothetical hash pipe Kidding aside, you are absolutely correct in that is a matter of taste/opinion - I happen to pretty much unequivocally 'love' everything prior and after 'Guitar Shop' by JAB - we're in that 'why is Prussian Blue the bestEST color EVER territory.' I can't even begin to mount any sort of 'objective' basis for my position. Same deal with Satriani and other well-known guitar instrumentalists at the time. I find the 'JP' instrumentals on Outrider to 'sound like him' and there were interesting timing changes and overdubs that happen to crack a smile on my face when I listen to them.
  8. No. His work on this album is one, continuous piss-take. We seem to be an army of two at this point. I guess I'm the ninja of the two of us (as it were).
  9. If I had a Tardis, I would transport you to Sol Studios back in '87 to see if you could get that off that ground (don't worry - I'll take out Brian Goode).
  10. Herr Duck, Thanks for asking - very cool and generous of you. Without dipping too deep into the hash pipe on my part, I would have been delighted with him sticking to instrumentals - by way of comparison I think the instrumentals on Outrider are MUCH more interesting than, say, Satriani's 'Surfing with the Alien' or Beck's 'Guitar Shop' (both released roughly around the same time period). The tracks that do have vocals sound very by-the-numbers, middle of the road 'rock' songs (on the first side of the album). As for side two, Chris Farlowe really sounds like he is doing a parody of a blues man...vocal black-face if you will - it's audibly insulting to my ears. The aforementioned criticisms also guide what I find baffling about the album. I think I 'get' the idea of him trying to present a musical melange but to steal from the Aphorisms of Yogi Berra, the album's inconsistency is its only consistency. Res ipsa loquitur.
  11. Robert's recent comment, "I feel for the guy [Jimmy]. He knows he's got the headlines if he wants them. But I don't know what he's trying to do. So I feel slightly disappointed and baffled." It's a bit pinched but it echoes my opinion of Outrider and the man behind it at the time of release.
  12. The choice of using the JP logo from Outrider is a very odd choice to me. It is like the concert equivalent seeing Mr. Plant live and screaming for him to play 'Too Loud' from Shaken N' Stirred for the entirety of the show.
  13. Bingo. The guy is completely mental (in the very best way). He had a 'Firm' cover band for a time - now THAT's loyalty.
  14. That is really fantastic! You turned that picture from a decrepit slide in a View Master into breathing cinematic mojo! Thanks,
  15. Was JPJ sick throughout their first tour of Japan in 1971? I ask because he just looks downright 'off' in virtually every photo I've seen of him from that stretch of time. Por ejemplo:
  16. Thanks and good timing. 'The Alex Jones' school of analytics seems to have permeated the air here
  17. It is fun to have polls like this - especially when it ignites some heated conversations but at the same time this poll is too vaguely worded. It is a bit like, "Is blue the best color?"
  18. Hi Terry, To my knowledge, it hasn't ever been 100% confirmed but he possibly used an old Script MXR Phase 90 (which he used with the live version). Soundwise in term of the octaving, Dazedjeffy is likely correct(boy didn't he go after than WH-1 at the 02 show or what???) but I can't help speculate he ran through an Eventide H910 Harmonizer.
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