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  1. After following Led Zeppelin most of my 50 years, the major conclusion that I have reached about Plant is that he is insecure and says mean things because of it. He has been talking in sarcastic/humourous/cheeky code for so long that he is almost impossible to take seriously. It's really sad to me because he is so brilliant and easily my favorite singer. I think Robert has a heart somewhere underneath that hurt and we catch glimpses of it once in a while. Plant was dismissive toward Jones many, many times over the years and we all know that Robert hides behind "taking the piss". Why a guy with his talent behaves that way? Robert can rearrange the tunes and act any way he wants but Led Zeppelin defines him as an artist. I wish to God he would embrace that. They were the best band to ever set foot on a stage and that's why we are talking about this subject. I think the thread is a false premise because Jones was never meant to be invited, btw.
  2. I am just seeing if somebody else had an example of this. There is one on the official site but it's trashed.
  3. I love the singer. The guitarist is really weak and mostly a sound effect guy. The songs are boring. The singer needs to dump him and do something more interesting..maybe like Plant did with Krauss.
  4. I love listening to people talk about Page and Plant like they know them. We are just some fans on a forum who know little or nothing other than what we read. My favorite is the "how inconsistent" and "sloppy" page is as a guitarist after 75. By 1975 he had changed the sound of modern music, recorded some of the most compelling guitar solos ever played , sold millions albums, and broke attendance records all over the world. Addiction destroyed this band. Jimmy page is one of the best guitar players who ever lived. Case closed.
  5. miker1102

    Crew Jacket

    Nah. Zeppelin is much more timeless they have songs about Mordor, vikings and Iceland. My grandkids will love them!! In actuality, they are smart about the use of the music in promotions so I see them differently than Elvis. I coukd be kidding myself. But we had a lot more fun at concerts in the 70s and 80s then the kids did in the 50s.
  6. Looking for trades or cash. Fairly rare and real!! One window, glossy back.
  7. miker1102

    Crew Jacket

    Thanks. I get tired of the prices and resellers. I see this stuff as history. I think the next generation would think this stuff is great. Maybe I am an idealist. I think I am going to start a museum in my basement.
  8. miker1102

    Crew Jacket

    Like a musuem or a traveling exhibition. Be great foe people to see peices like this. I have a few rare posters and handbills but keep thinking they woukd be better shared with more people.
  9. miker1102

    Crew Jacket

    Thanks. I was hoping to trade it out. I posted it on Ebay but do not really want the cash. I wish Zeppelin had an Archive I would donate this one.
  10. miker1102

    Crew Jacket

    This pull over was in one photo but I could find another. Has anyone seen this somewhere other than the Preston shot? I owned a crew one from Oakland but this one was harder to find anything on on the internet.
  11. People always complain about the price. The ticket never comes up for auction and this is the best condition I have ever seen one. Everything this rare Zep related is expensive. The last Iceland flyer that was auctioned I sold to " fan" for a reasonable price ..the guy made 2 grand off the transaction after he auctioned it off. I am looking to trade on here hence the post and the high ebay price. Truthfully, it wont last long at this price.
  12. I am looking to see if somebody has something to trade. I am considering sale but figured I would see what people have to trade before I sell.
  13. I was reading other people's lists and thought UFO gets missed all the time. Shenker was blistering on Lights Out and Rock Bottom. Also, Thin Lizzy ....
  14. Just wondering if any had any info on this poster. I recently bought one at auction. The one I previously owned was printed on glossy stock and this was was not. I was wondering if there were any collectors that knew about this print.
  15. I live near Saratoga. It's a nice town.. a little pricey. The region is low traffic and fairly quiet if you are in the suburbs. It's a nice pace of life.
  16. 1 Zeppelin 2. Rush 3.Iron Maiden 4.Areosmith 5 Skynrd Honorable mention to Rival Sons who have me booking plane tickets with my kid to catch them live. The band's got swagger.
  17. I'm listening to Rival Sons catalog. They have what has been missing from Rock for 20 years ..swagger. Good riffs but weak solos. Singer has a great voice
  18. Ad a kid in the 70s First time I heard stairway to heaven at a cousin's house, I was probably 10 years old maybe. It was sealed when I started reading Tolkien and making the musical connections.
  19. I went to Iceland twice chasing this concert. Beautiful country and nice people but I could not find anything. I got back home, went on Ebay, and some guy from Iceland found the flyer in his dad's album and was selling it. I bought it for 400 bucks.Life is funny.
  20. Hi..I have some seventies shirts and a few posters I was looking to sell. Before I sell to people that are just looking to resell the stuff I figured I'd see if anyone on here had any interest. You can email me at Harriganz@hotmail.com for photos. The stuff is not cheap but I'd rather lose money so real fans can enjoy it. I have at least ten wearable mint tour shirts and two very rare ones.
  21. I have lots of tour shirts and original posters. I am constantly selling trading or buying both. I have some handbills from the early 70s as well. My favorite handbill is from iceland 70.
  22. Yeah..after a few years they did not need to promote their shows. I have a few rare concert posters and flyers. Honestly, the few people that I talked to who collected them were not so nice:(. I think it's cause they are so expensive.
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