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  1. I have a question about the I and II vinyl reissues. I bought the deluxe version on the 180 gram vinyl. I think there might be a manufacturing defect and I wanted to post and see if anyone else noticed this. There seems to be a slight echo on the records that wasn't there before. It's most apparent at the beginning of the record. For example, "Good Times Bad Times" starts with the iconic "Bum-Bum" riff, right. If you put on the reissue record and crank it (as you should always do with this record, you can hear 2 passes of "Bum-Bum" before the "real" one comes in and starts off the songs. They're very faint, but it's annoying and the original LP is not like that. Led Zeppelin II is like that as well - right before the first track. LZ III doesn't have that issue, but "out on the tiles" sounds a bit distorted. I have (what I think is) an above-average turntable, about a year old. A Pro-Ject Debut with Ortofon cartridge, so It's not the turntable, as I've tried several other records and have never had this issue. Any thoughts? Anyone out there feel like cranking LZ I (the deluxe version of the studio album, not the live album)? I can email a 10-second sample of what I'm talking about if anyone can help, but this forum doesn't allow me to upload it here.
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